What Steps to Take if You are the Victim of Sexual Assault in the Workplace?

What Steps to Take if You are the Victim of Sexual Assault in the Workplace?

Sexual assault in the workplace is a serious issue. It injures the victim both physically and mentally. It makes them feel vulnerable and can cause injuries. Being sexually assaulted can also make the victim lose trust in those around them. It may even lead to the loss of their job. Once the offender imposes their will on the victim, there is no turning back.

Victims of sexual assault in the workplace are often confused. Sexual assault often comes from people in positions of power, such as a superior or their boss. That makes it even more difficult to know what to do. Most victims feel like they can’t go back to work and face the offender again. But what steps do they need to take?

Seeking medical attention and reporting are important first steps if you have been sexually assaulted. Working with a sexual harassment attorney in Beaumont, TX can help you get the help you need. Talk to a sexual assault lawyer.


Seek Medical Care after the Sexual Assault

If you are hurt, go get medical attention. Even if you don’t think you’re hurt that badly, you may need treatment. A medical examiner may find injuries you aren’t aware of. Don’t avoid seeking treatment, even if you think you can’t afford it. There may be some costs, but most medical facilities can offer help, especially to victims of sexual assault.

Seeking medical care should be your first step. Your health should be cared after the assault, and having medical records also helps your claim. Your sexual assault lawyer can use information from your medical reports in court. They can prove that you were injured. On the other hand, if you don’t get medical attention, it’s hard to prove the injuries were there.

Even minor injuries will be recorded in your medical report. Proving you were hurt can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. After ensuring that your injuries are addressed, you should make sure you talk to someone about your experience.


Reporting the Sexual Assault

After you receive medical care, you must report the incident. Your local police are the best option to turn to. You may have to file the initial report on your own. Tell the police everything you can remember in as much detail as you can. This will go into the police report. Your sexual harassment lawyer can use this information later to build up your case.

Some victims feel scared to report their assault. They feel they may not be believed, or worry someone will be mad at them. But it’s important to report the issue immediately, because it will help get you the legal recourse you need.


What to Remember

After sexual assault, you may be confused, hurt, or feeling betrayed. You’ll probably worry about what this means for your job. Sexual assault in the workplace is never okay. But sometimes, it’s hard to keep things straight. There are a few things to remember:

  • Your safety is important. Get to a safe place, and do whatever you need to do to stay safe.
  • Find someone you trust to be your support as you recover. Don’t go through this alone.
  • Understand that it’s not your fault. The offender is the person to blame for their actions. It doesn’t matter what they said or how you feel. Your assault was not your fault.
  • Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline. They can be there to help and offer advice. They’ll provide you with information on local health facilities and support groups.
  • Contact a sexual assault lawyer. They can help you take action, and make sure that the offender doesn’t get away with their crime.


Hiring a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Beaumont, TX

After sexual assault, you may need to go to court. Even with a settlement, things can get messy. A sexual assault lawyer is a great option for helping you file your claim. They’ll also represent you in court, and can reach the best settlement.

The sexual assault you experienced was hard enough. You’ve dealt with enough. Let a sexual harassment attorney in Beaumont, TX help you with navigating your situation.  Contact Brent Coon and Associates. We can help you after a sexual assault. We are on your side. Contact us today.


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