Car Accident Lawyer Beaumont TX

Car Accident Lawyer Beaumont TX

Over 7,000 car crashes take place in Jefferson County every year. Most of these crashes occur in the Beaumont area. The law allows victims to recover their losses through their own means or with the help of a Beaumont car accident lawyer.

Many victims are relieved and happy they survived their car accident with no broken bones or more severe injuries. Under the effect of adrenaline, they refuse medical assistance. However, some injuries will not show systems until a later date, and will often require more complex and expensive treatments.

Some of the systems that a person can experience hours or even days after the accident include headaches, back pain, dizziness, nausea, and loss of balance. Experienced car accident attorneys advise their clients to see a doctor after the accident. Left untreated, some injuries may worsen.

It is better to diagnose and treat them in due time. The party at fault will cover the cost of the treatment. In order to recover their losses, the victim will have to file a compensation claim. The same claim will include car repair or replacement costs and other property damage.

Many accident victims in Beaumont give up their right to compensation to avoid bureaucracy. However,  entrusting their case to a Beaumont car accident lawyer will take the hassle away from the client as well as obtain the due compensation for the injured.

A bad car accident shows two totaled vehicles

Involved in a car accident in Beaumont TX? Contact the car accident lawyers at Brent Coon Law for a free case review!

Contact the Auto Accident Lawyers at Brent Coon & Associates

At Brent Coon & Associates, we have handled numerous Beaumont, Texas car accident cases. Many of our clients call us right from the scene of the accidents. Others seek our assistance in the middle of the claim filing process. We do our best to help everyone and secure the best outcome in every situation.

The results often depend on the actions our clients take at the accident scene. Those who call us from the accident scene receive the guidance they need during that emotional and anxious time. Those who decide to wait to call, often make mistakes or skip important steps that will help their case.


Steps to Follow After an Accident and How a Beaumont TX Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Here are the steps everyone should take after a car accident:

1. Stop at the Accident Scene and Call 911 If Necessary

This obligation is subject to Section 550.021 of the Texas Transportation Code. Drivers involved in accidents throughout the state should stop at the scene or as close to it as possible. They should pay attention not to obstruct traffic. If necessary, they should request medical assistance.

Leaving the scene of a serious accident scene can qualify as a third-degree felony. The penalties go up to five years of jail time. The driver fleeing the scene may also have to pay a fine of up to $5,000. It is better to remain at the scene and contact a Beaumont car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

2. Report the Accident to the Authorities

Under Section 550.026, drivers should report accidents to the local police department or the sheriff’s office. A call to the nearest department office will do as well.  It is mandatory to report accidents involving injuries or death.

Reporting the accident is mandatory when the vehicles involved are no longer safe to drive. In most cases, the police will come to the scene to investigate the accident. It helps to have a car accident lawyer in Beaumont, TX present when they do. This is especially true for those who share fault for the accident.

3. Gather Contact, Car, Insurance, and Drivers’ Information

Drivers should exchange contact numbers, driver’s license, and car registration, as well as insurance information. This information will make it easy to identify the parties and their insurer. It will also help the car accident attorney with the compensation claim.

4. Gather Evidence from the Accident Scene

In order to recover their losses, Texas claimants have to prove how the accident occurred. They also have to show that the defendant to their claim was responsible for the accident. This is done by using photos, videos, and witness testimonies that are gathered after the accident, on the scene.

When present, car wreck lawyers take care of this important step. In their absence, the accident victims will have to gather the evidence themselves. This can prove to be difficult for anyone injured or without a smartphone or camera on hand. Waiting to get important information from the other driver is dangerous, as witnesses may leave the scene and evidence may get lost.

A man calls police after being involved in a car accident.

Always make sure to call the police and report any accident to your insurer as soon as possible.

5. Report the Accident to the Insurer

Drivers have to report accidents to their insurer and cooperate with the latter during the claim process. This is often required in most Texas car insurance policies. In some situations, accident victims have to seek compensation from their own insurer. It is better to collaborate from the beginning than knock on closed doors later.

6. Document Any Injuries, Damages, and Other Losses

In order to recover their losses, accident victims have to prove their value, such as car damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and much more.

In order to cover such losses, the compensation claim will have to include justifying documents. Common examples include repair shop invoice, medical reports, and bills, income statements, etc. To estimate future losses, an auto accident attorney may use expert testimonies and case precedents.

7. File the Notice of Claim

This procedure announces the car accident’s victim intention to seek compensation. It is possible to see compensation from the party at fault or from their insurer. To decide against whom to file the compensation claim, it is best to consult a car accident lawyer.

The latter will analyze the case and the financial situation of each party. Depending on their findings, they will recommend the best course of action. Obtaining compensation from a third-party involves a lengthy and troublesome court trial. That is why any Beaumont car accident attorney will recommend filing a claim with an insurer.

8. Document the Claim

This step involves putting together all the documents, evidence, and testimonies available. This will help determine if the defendant of the claim was responsible for the accident and will justify the amount requested as compensation.

An auto accident attorney will know exactly what documents to use for the claim and how to present them. The car accident Attorney will conduct their own investigation if necessary and will justify every cent requested.

9.  Negotiate Compensation Value and Terms

Most insurance companies prefer to settle claims outside of court. They make a settlement offer, usually for a lower amount than the claimant requested. By accepting a settlement, the claimant gives up all rights and demands.

It takes a skilled and experienced car accident attorney to evaluate settlement offers. Most attorneys start from there and negotiate even better deals. Claimants unsatisfied with the settlement offer they receive can file an appeal.

10. Receive the Due Compensation and Forget All about the Accident

With the right lawyer on their side, the claimant should receive the due compensation. This is the stage when they pay their attorney fees and any outstanding bills. They can finally leave the accident behind and move on.

As shown above, these steps are easier to follow with the help of a car accident lawyer. The outcome of the compensation claim will depend on the claimant’s ability to prove:

  • How the accident occurred (speeding, accident consumption, distracted driving, etc.)
  • Who was at fault for it (whose actions or negligence led to the accident)
  • What damages the accident caused (losses the claimant incurred and may incur)

These steps may appear to be easy, but it is not. It requires excellent knowledge of Texas accident laws in order to follow every step in detail.  Experience in claim preparation, filing, and negotiation matters as well is what sets a car accident Attorney apart from handling the claim on your own. Here is a brief overview of the main Texas accident laws:


Texas Car Accident Laws and How They Influence the Work of a Beaumont TX Car Accident Lawyer

Here are a few details every driver in Texas should know and pay attention to:

Minimum Insurance Requirements in Texas

All Texas drivers need liability coverage for bodily injury at a minimum of $30,000/person and $60,000/event. For property damage, the minimum coverage is if $25,000/event. In case of accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers, victims have three options:

  • Seek compensation from the uninsured driver in civil court
  • Obtain compensation from their own insurer
  • Seek partial compensation from the insurer of the under-insured driver and sue the driver for the difference.

Before giving advice, an experienced car wreck Attorney will analyze the case details. They will look at the available coverage and at the available evidence. The sooner they take over the case, the more they can do for their client.

The statute of Limitations for Texas Car Accident Claims

Time matters in Texas car accidents. Section 16.003 of the Civil Practice and Remedies Code only allows two years for car accident claims. The countdown begins at the date of the accident. Victims should not wait too long before contacting a car accident attorney because evidence can be lost or lose track of witnesses.

Comparative Negligence under Texas Laws

Texas is one of the states that have adopted “the 51% at fault rule”. The parties who are 51% or more at fault for an accident can no longer seek compensation. The rule is subject to Section 33.0001 of the Civil Practice and Remedies Code. It basically forces claimants to prove that the defendant was more at fault than they were. Most claimants choose to work with an experienced auto accident attorney.

A man is stressed out after being involved in a car accident.

Found at fault in a car accident? Call Brent Coon for help with your appeal.

Is It Necessary to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Beaumont TX?

The law does not force car accident victims to hire legal help. Therefore, each person has to make the most convenient decision for their particular case. When doing it, there are several important aspects to take into account:

  • The severity of the injuries and damages incurred. If the accident only caused soft tissue injuries, recovery will be fast and inexpensive. The accident victim could be able to gather evidence and negotiate the claim themselves. If the injuries are severe and require complex treatments, they become more difficult to prove and compensate. A case review from an experienced Beaumont car accident lawyer always helps.
  • The time elapsed from the accident date. Many accident victims postpone filing their claim until they fully recover or assess losses. This may not leave them enough time to gather the necessary evidence. It is better to start early than to wait and do everything against the clock. The car accident attorney will not mind waiting if it is in their client’s best interest.
  • The available insurance coverage. When the party at fault is insured, accident victims may have a chance of obtaining compensation. In case of uninsured or under-insured motorists, the advice of a car accident lawyer in Beaumont, TX is priceless.

A case review is always useful. It helps accident victims find out how much their case is worth and what challenges to expect. They will also receive advice on how to approach their case. If they then decide to handle everything themselves, they are free to do so.

Benefits of Working With an Auto Accident Attorney

Working with a car wreck attorney brings about numerous benefits. Here are the most important:

  • Relevant experience and excellent knowledge of Texas laws
  • No worries regarding paperwork and formalities
  • Help gathering evidence and supporting the car accident claim
  • Fewer hassles and important time savings
  • More money received as compensation

The list could continue, but the message should be obvious. Car accident claims are better left to experienced lawyers. If you were involved in a car accident and you have not yet consulted a Beaumont, Texas auto accident attorney, you should. You will enjoy all the above benefits and more.

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