Beaumont TX Lawyer for Pregnancy Discrimination

Beaumont TX Lawyer for Pregnancy Discrimination

When a lady becomes pregnant discrimination in the workplace can take place. You may be overlooked or left out. In some instances, you may be passed over for promotions or raises. There are laws in Beaumont, Texas that can protect you as a pregnant woman. A pregnancy discrimination lawyer is there to help you understand your legal rights and offer you the support you need.

As a pregnant woman, you deserve equal treatment in the workplace. Your workplace needs to place of stability, inclusiveness, and stability. It should be a safe haven where you feel comfortable. When discrimination in Beaumont, Texas occurs, it can ruin your entire performance at work. It can create stress for you and your unborn child.

No one should feel uncomfortable at work. A Beaumont, Texas pregnancy discrimination lawyer can provide you the legal help you need. They will fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve.


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Have you been the victim of pregnancy discrimination? Contact Brent Coon & Assoc. to get a free case review and have your rights defended by experienced attorneys.


What is Pregnancy Discrimination?

If you are a pregnant woman, you may experience a range of discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas can and does happen. Forms of discrimination vary from sexual harassment to gender discrimination.

As a woman that is pregnant, you do not have to suffer alone. Pregnancy discrimination is real. It may include a manager that has demoted you because you are pregnant. You may be passed over for a promotion. As a result, may lose out on a raise. You may receive reduced responsibilities. Termination may occur to you.

Employers need to provide equal treatment to all employees regardless of their status. Being pregnant should be a joyous time for a woman. When Beaumont, Texas pregnancy discrimination occurs, it can cause humiliation. A pregnant woman can be intimidated. They may feel embarrassed by the advances a co-worker or manager is making to them. They may feel frustrated like there is no end to the discrimination they are facing.

Pregnancy discrimination can occur from a manager, boss, co-worker, manager of another department, or even a non-employee of the company such as a contractor. If you are experiencing discrimination in Beaumont, Texas, you need a pregnancy discrimination attorney to help you with your case.


Hiring a Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

When you are a victim of pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas, you need a pregnancy discrimination lawyer on your side. It can be difficult to fight against an employer. A discrimination attorney will help you with your case. They will represent you and provide you with the legal advice you need.

Your Beaumont, Texas pregnancy discrimination attorney can guide you through the legal process. They will provide you with a strategy to fight your employer against a pregnancy bias complaint. They will advise you of the best legal action to take against your employer.

A pregnancy discrimination lawyer knows the law for pregnancy harassment and discrimination. They will fight against large employers. They will help you file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

If an investigation is conducted, your Beaumont, Texas lawyer will help to lead the process. They will build a strong case that supports your claims. Your pregnancy discrimination attorney will represent you against the TWC and EEOC. They can ensure your voice is heard and you get the justice you deserve.


Time Limit for Filing a Pregnancy Discrimination Complaint in Texas

If you have an event where pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas is occurring, you need to file a complaint with the TWC. There is no need to file an additional pregnancy bias case with the EEOC. Both the TWC and EEOC work together. They have a work-sharing agreement together. This means that the TWC will immediately send your complaint to the EEOC.

It is important that you file your complaint with the TWC as soon as possible after the discrimination incident. You only have a limited time to file your complaint. The TWC has strict guidelines in place for filing. You only have 180-days to file your claim with the TWC.

Filing after this deadline could cause the dismissal of your case. When you work with a Beaumont, Texas pregnancy discrimination lawyer, you are ensured filing within the deadline. Your discrimination attorney can help you understand how this deadline applies to your case. For this reason, you need to speak to a pregnancy discrimination lawyer as soon as possible about your case.


Pregnancy Discrimination Investigations

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Don’t let an employer discriminate against you for having a child. Call Brent Coon & Assoc. to defend your right to work!

When you file a complaint with the TWC, they will review your claim. First, they will determine if your complaint warrants a full investigation. The TWC will send a letter or email of their decision.

If the TWC decides that an investigation is necessary, they will first offer you mediation to correct the situation. More often than not, mediation can be helpful in resolving a discrimination complaint. Both you and your employer will be involved in the mediation process. A third party will oversee the process. Here, you will work to find a favorable resolution to the pregnancy discrimination you are facing.

Your lawyer can be present during the mediation process. They can help represent you during the mediation and provide you with guidance during the process. Typically, mediations are typically conducted face-to-face, over the phone or remotely. Your lawyer can help you facilitate the mediation with your employer.

You do not have to submit to the mediation. Your employer does not have to participate in the mediation either. The entire process is voluntary and offered by the TWC. If one or both parties decline the medication, an investigation into the pregnancy discrimination is opened.

When an investigation occurs, the TWC and EEOC will interview everyone associated with pregnancy discrimination. The TWC will interview you. They will interview the aggressors as well as your employer. The TWC and EEOC will also review any documentation that you provided to your employer about the pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas.

If the TWC and EEOC determine that your investigation showed pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas, they will try to resolve the situation with your employer. They will work to provide you with a solution that is favorable.


An EEOC Lawsuit

There are instances when the EEOC will file a lawsuit against an employer accused of pregnancy discrimination. The EEOC will file the lawsuit on your behalf. Your Beaumont, Texas pregnancy discrimination attorney can represent you during these lawsuits. They can provide you with legal counsel and help you through the process of going to court.


Pregnancy Discrimination – What to Do if it Happens to You?

If you are a victim of pregnancy discrimination, you need to report it to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer needs to document the complaint. They need to take action and stop the injustice from happening to you.

If your employer fails to take appropriate action, a complaint with the TWC and EEOC can occur. Your attorney in Beaumont, Texas can facilitate the filing process with them.

It is also imperative that you keep a record of the injustice. You need to document each instance of pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas. Having a record of the events can help you remember every detail of these events. They will also prove valuable in during your investigation with the TWC.

Be sure to keep a record of your pregnancy discrimination in a safe place. It’s critical not to leave it in an open area where someone could steal it. It is not advised to leave it at work. Leave it at home and be sure to write in it each time an event occurs.


How Can an Employer Avoid Discrimination?

Your employer needs to set a standard against pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas. They need to create a policy or procedure to deal with injustices. They need to send a strong message to employees that pregnancy discrimination is not acceptable.

Having a good reporting system for discrimination can help an employee feel more comfortable about coming forward. As a result, these procedures can help put an end to pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. It can allow an employer to be proactive about stopping the discrimination or harassment from happening to their pregnant employees.

When an employer takes action against an aggressor that is discriminating against a pregnant woman, they can eliminate the abuse from the workplace. They need to punish employees that discriminate against pregnant women and provide a solution for every employee involved in the pregnancy discrimination in Beaumont, Texas.

Contact a Beaumont Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

If you are experiencing pregnancy discrimination, you need an experienced lawyer that can help you file a discrimination lawsuit. The pregnancy attorneys at Brent Coon & Associates are ready to assist you. They will protect your rights as a pregnant woman. They will get you justice against your employer and put a stop to the abuse you are facing. Contact a pregnancy discrimination lawyer at Brent Coon & Associates today. Call us to set up a consultation now.


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