Beaumont Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Beaumont Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Almost 700 pedestrians lost their lives in crashes throughout Texas. Many more end up injured and need the advice of a Beaumont, TX pedestrian accident attorney. In Jefferson County, most accidents occur in the Beaumont area. Many of their victims come looking for advice at our office. Locals and visitors are always in a hurry and fail to pay attention to the traffic. Drivers speed or forget to take their eyes off their phones. Some are tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and unable to react in due time. There are also tourists who get carried away by the scenery. No wonder so many of them end up needing the assistance of a pedestrian injury lawyer in Beaumont, Texas.

Pedestrian accidents usually result in serious injuries. It is easy to imagine why considering that pedestrians are thrown against cars and pavement empty-handed. When accidents occur, their victims should turn to a pedestrian accident lawyer. It is the best way to receive advice and guidance along the tricky paths of the law.

A pedestrian crosswalk sign is shown telling walkers it is safe to walk.

Pedestrian accidents often occur because pedestrians don’t follow traffic laws. Stay safe by obeying all traffic signals and laws.

Tips for Avoiding Beaumont Pedestrian Accidents

To avoid needing a Beaumont pedestrian accident attorney, the Texas Department of Transportation recommends pedestrians to take several simple measures:

Using the sidewalk instead of the roadway

Many accidents involve pedestrians walking along the roadway. Sidewalks are much safer and they allow better visibility for the drivers. Every pedestrian accident attorney warns their clients to use the sidewalk,

Paying attention to the traffic when crossing the roadway

Crosswalks are no safe havens. Indeed, drivers have the obligation to stop and yield priority (unless the traffic lights direct otherwise). However, pedestrians should give them the time and space to do so. Otherwise, they may end up looking for a pedestrian accident attorney.

Crossing on the right side of the crosswalk, after making eye contact with the driver

It takes a couple of seconds at most, but it can be lifesaving. It helps pedestrians confirm that the driver spotted them and they are safe.

Learning pedestrian traffic laws and regulations

Drivers have tens, if not hundreds of rules and regulations to obey. Pedestrians have only a few, referring to their right of way. Laws referring to pedestrians are easy to understand and follow. Any Beaumont, Texas pedestrian accident lawyer knows them by heart. The least traffic participants can do is memorize them and obey them.

Those who neglect to obey traffic rules and cause accidents become liable for the damages and injuries. Under Texas laws, the party at fault for an accident will have to bear the consequences. Pedestrian injury lawyers know that, when both or all the parties share fault for an accident, the contributory negligence principles apply. The party that is more than 50% at fault for the accident loses the right to seek compensation.

Texas Laws Referring to Pedestrians or How a Beaumont Pedestrian Accident Lawyer May Determine Liability

Title 7, Chapter 552 of the Texas Transportation Code governs pedestrian traffic. According to it:

  • Traffic lights apply to pedestrians unless special pedestrian control signs indicate otherwise.
  • The green signal prompts pedestrians to proceed across the roadway. The only exception is when the green signal is a turn arrow.
  • The red signal prompts pedestrians not to enter the roadway.
  • The “Walk” signal prompts pedestrians to cross the roadway. It also prompts vehicle operators to yield right of way.
  • The “Don’t walk” or “Wait” signals prompt pedestrians to proceed to the nearest sidewalk.
  • Vehicle operators will yield right of way to pedestrians crossing the roadway in crosswalk areas when:
  1. There are no traffic control signals in place
  2. The pedestrian is on the same side of the road with the vehicle
  3. The pedestrian is dangerously close to the vehicle’s side of the road.

Other Responsibilities of the Pedestrian

  • Pedestrians shall not leave the curb or another safe place suddenly. They should reassure themselves before proceeding onto the crosswalk. They risk getting into a vehicle’s path and needing the services of a pedestrian injury lawyer.
  • Vehicles approaching a crosswalk will not pass the vehicles stopped in front of them.
  • Pedestrians should use the right side of the crosswalk when possible.
  • When crossing the roadway at an unmarked place, pedestrians will yield right of way to all vehicles.
  • Pedestrians may only cross the roadway between adjacent intersections in marked crosswalk areas.
  • Crossing roadway intersections diagonally is only allowed when traffic control devices authorize it. Any pedestrian accident attorney in Beaumont, TX will advise their client to avoid diagonal crossing.
  • Pedestrians shall not walk along roadways or on them when there are sidewalks available.
  • Where there are no sidewalks, pedestrians should use the left side roadway. Another option is to use the shoulder facing oncoming
  • Vehicle operators entering or emerging from alleys, building entrances, or driveways will yield right of way to pedestrians using the sidewalk.
  • Pedestrians shall not stand in the roadway area to solicit rides, contributions, employment, or anything else from vehicle occupants. They can only do so with the approval of the local authorities.
  • Drivers shall be careful to avoid pedestrian accidents. They can use the horn when necessary. They should pay special attention to children and incapacitated persons on the roadway.
  • Pedestrians may only carry white canes if they are partially or totally blind. Doing so if they are not could make them partly at fault for the accident and make the work of their pedestrian accident attorney more difficult.
  • Drivers should watch out for pedestrians with assistance animal guides as well.

Other Common Causes for the cases a Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Handles

A drunk driver is shown shocked and mourning after having hit a pedestrian

Drunk drivers cause many pedestrian accidents. If you have been a victim, Call Brent Coon for a free case review.

 1. Drunk Driving

Alcohol blurs drivers’ vision and inhibits their reaction speed. However, drivers are not the only ones to drink. Pedestrians do it too. When it happens, they no longer walk straight or pay attention to the traffic. Some even fall on the roadway and drivers only notice them when it is too late.

The presence of alcohol in the blood of a pedestrian accident victim qualifies as evidence of contributory fault. The person under the influence of alcohol should consult a pedestrian accident lawyer immediately. Without one, they stand to lose their right to compensation.

2. Distractions

Many drivers check their social media notifications. They talk on the phone, and even send text messages while driving. Their smartphone, their car’s equipment, or the things they see along the road draw their attention. Distracted drivers fail to notice road dangers on time and are no longer able to avoid them. Their victims end up looking for a pedestrian accident lawyer.

The same goes for pedestrians. Many get into the roadway area with their eyes in their smartphones. They do not notice incoming vehicles and they do not watch their steps. Very few of them are aware of the dangers. Distractions are difficult to prove, even for an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

3. Speed

Few drivers obey speed limits these days. Everyone is in a hurry. When they find a clear road portion, they press the acceleration. Speed compromises vehicle control and slows down reaction speed. It may also prove a party’s fault. A Beaumont pedestrian accident attorney will often use speed to prove a driver’s liability.

Identifying the cause of an accident does not reverse the damage. However, it can help you recover them. The cause points to the party at fault. Any pedestrian injury lawyer knows it. Under Texas laws, the party at fault covers accident damages. Once you have identified them, you can focus on calculating the value of your compensation claim.

Determining Compensation Claim Value with the Help of a Beaumont Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The value of a compensation claim depends on the type of damages the accident victim incurred. Under Texas laws, a pedestrian accident lawyer can include the following types of losses in an accident claim:

Property damage

Any asset, material or gadget damaged in the accident qualifies as property damage. The owner has to right to recover the cost or repairing or replacing it. In order to succeed, they will have to prove ownership and value. These are issues better left to an experienced pedestrian injury lawyer.

A man is seen reviewing bills after suffering a pedestrian injury.

Damages can be overwhelming after a pedestrian accident. Contact Brent Coon & Assc. for help recovering your damages.

Medical expenses

Accident victims should receive compensation for their medical expenses. The compensation can cover anything from hospital bills to painkillers, rehabilitation, and home care. Of course, it takes invoices, receipts, price quotes, and pedestrian injury lawyer skills to prove it.

Disability-related expenses 

Pedestrian accidents often leave their victims disabled. Expenses meant to ease the victim’s life and improve comfort are subject to compensation. Any pedestrian accident lawyer knows that. Examples include wheelchair costs, ramps, elevators, support bars installation. It goes without saying that only proven expenses get compensated.

Lost income 

Someone injured in a pedestrian accident will need time off work. This may cost them their paycheck. They can recover their losses, as long as they provide the necessary evidence. Their account statements should do the job in the hands of an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

Lost earning capacity 

The same pedestrian injury attorney should be able to recover the money their client will no longer make. This happens when someone remains disabled and unable to function at full capacity.

Pain and suffering

Broken bones and head and back trauma are painful. When they are the result of someone else’s negligence, recovering them should be easy. It is not. Experienced pedestrian injury attorneys often turn to expert witnesses and case precedents to prove their point.

To assess what type of damages you can recover and what amount they could reach, it is best to consult a Beaumont car accident lawyer. The latter will look at the available evidence and even gather more. They will prepare cost estimates and supporting documents. Your pedestrian accident attorney will let you know exactly what to expect and when. Finally, they will answer your questions and clear all your doubts.


How a Beaumont TX Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A pedestrian injury attorney will not be able to prevent the accident. However, they will help you get back on your feet. They will support you every step of the way and take over all formalities. The sooner they start working on your case, the more helpful they can be. The idea is to benefit from their advice right at the accident scene.

After the accident, your pedestrian accident attorney will teach you whom to call and whom to avoid. Your lawyer will guide your steps through the necessary actions. They will help you stay calm and focused, and avoid costly mistakes. They will gather evidence of the accident and contact and insurance information from anyone present.

Later down the road, they will help you keep track of your expenses, prepare and file your compensation claim, and negotiate it. When the defendant of your claim offers a settlement, your pedestrian accident lawyer will review it. They will determine if it is worth accepting or not.

If it’s acceptable, their job would be almost over. If it is not, you can always file an appeal. You can be sure your pedestrian accident lawyer will always recommend the best course of action in all circumstances. They will not hesitate to go to trial if it is in your best interest.

With their help, you will gain knowledge and experience and avoid bureaucracy. You will save time and energy, and you will be able to focus on your recovery. They will be your best ally, always there, ready to answer questions and fight for you.


Defend Your Interests with a Beaumont Pedestrian Accident Lawyer from Brent Coon & Associates

If you want to enjoy all the above-described benefits, contact Brent Coon & Associates. Call our office at (409) 222-2722, and schedule a consultation with our Beaumont pedestrian accident attorney. It does not matter if your accident occurred yesterday or several months ago. We will start working on it immediately. We will analyze all case details and identify the best solution for your case. If you let us, we will not rest, and you will pay nothing, until we obtain the compensation you deserve with a pedestrian accident attorney in Beaumont, Texas.


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