doctor and patient talking about ZantacIn 2020, the heartburn medication, Zantac, was officially recalled after the FDA determined that the drug contained a cancer-causing chemical called NDMA.

Subsequent lawsuits allege that the manufacturers of Zantac were fully aware of the carcinogenic substance in the drug but failed to recall the product or warn consumers.

Since then, many people who took Zantac have developed cancer and filed lawsuits against the companies that manufactured and marketed the drug. While there have been several setbacks over the past few years, the litigation is now moving forward.

And attorneys are finally looking forward to holding the companies that made and marketed the drug accountable for this blatant negligence.

If you took Zantac and have since developed one of these cancers, you may have a valid claim and deserve compensation for your suffering:

  • Bladder Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer

Zantac FAQ

What do I do?/Can I make a claim?/How do I make a claim?

We’ve made getting the information, making a decision, and starting the process very easy, and with no cosat or risks involved – simply follow the link in this tool to complete the short questions and we will automatically review and present your “next steps” based on your answers.

Then, when you are qualified and decide to move forward, our law firm will be able to acquire all the necessary medical tests and/or records to move forward and maximize your claim.

What does our law firm do for you?

Rather than simply ‘filing a claim on your behalf’, our law firm automatically covers ALL the costs upfront involved in finding/verifying any links between Zantac and your cancer, and then representing you each step of the way through the claims process.

We do all the heavy lifting to get you the compensation you’re entitled to.And – you owe nothing and pay nothing – unless we win for you.

And naturally, your information remains strictly confidential.

So, if there is a possibility that you were harmed by these products – and you owe it to yourself to find out –we are ready to help.

Just scroll down and start the process – and in a few minutes you may be set up and taking charge of your legal recovery.

Don’t wait – protect your rights today and get the recovery you deserve.

Did Zantac contribute to my cancer?

Zantac originally hit the market in 1983 and quickly became one of the world’s bestselling drugs, exceeding $1 billion in annual sales.But, in 2019 concerns began to rise that there was a connection between the use of Zantac and an increase in the risk of cancer.

After several studies, it was concluded that the active ingredient in Zantac, ranitidine, would degrade over time to form NDMA, a known carcinogenic chemical.

The FDA began investigating and determined that there were unacceptable levels of NDMA in Zantac.As a result, the drug was pulled off the market in 2020.

If you took Zantac and later developed cancer, you should speak with an attorney who can help you determine if there’s a direct connection between the drug and your disease.

Who qualifies to submit a claim?

Anyone who took Zantac and developed one of these cancers is encouraged to move forward to the simple eligibility form now.

  • Bladder Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer

How do I file a claim?

We’ve made starting the claims process very easy, simply fill out the short eligibility form by clicking “continue” on this page, answering only a few questions, and we will automatically review and present the next steps based on your answers.

Once you decide to move forward and the attorney has your permission, the law firm will be able to acquire all the necessary medical tests and/or records to move forward and build up your claim.

Why do I want an attorney to help me?

Corporations do not want to pay you money for the injuries you have suffered.Even when they are fully aware of their responsibility, they will do everything they can to minimize or even completely dismiss the money they rightfully owe you.

But your lawyer will fight to get you the most money.It has been estimated that clients with an attorney get 60% more money on their recovery.In addition, the forms and medical information required are hard to complete, and tricky.

And any mistake can cost you, possibly getting your claim thrown out.Your lawyers know their way around these forms – and do all the work.And, most importantly, having a strong attorney willing to fight for you adds clout when going up against a massive corporation.

Businesses know that attorneys are likely to take the fight to the courts and that’s something that these corporations are trying to avoid.

The decision to submit a legal claim can seem like a big and complicated decision.

But, it’s our job to make it simple and easy for you.So, once you have started your claim, you can move on with your life in full comfort with the knowledge that you have the best team possible fighting for your best interests.

You have protected your rights and done all you can to secure the most compensation you deserve.

Hiring a good attorney with no money up front

Medical claims are among the most complicated and difficult claims to file. Any victim who is seeking some remedy for injuries suffered as a result of harmful chemical exposure should immediately contact an experienced attorney who knows how to handle these types of claims.

And any victim who is even considering a claim should speak with an attorney to make sure that all of their rights are protected so that they can do what needs to be done in order to bring some sort of resolution, recovery, and closure to their suffering.

Brent Coon & Associates works directly for (and only with) board-certified law firms and does NOT charge you, the claimant, for anything. The law firm will submit a claim on your behalf and will fight for a fair settlement.

The law firm will only be paid if there is a settlement on your behalf and then only a set % of the recovery.

What can I expect for compensation?

No one has a crystal ball and certainly not all claims are the same – yet, when examining these questions, there are some fairly standard and well-governed guidelines that are often useful in evaluating a claim’s worth and speed to completion.

WHEN – First, the attorney must demonstrate to a judge that defendant was aware of the hazards of their product and was negligent in warning and protecting people. This process can take several years.

However, once this has been established, it is on to valuating the individual claims and moving towards the individual settlements Your claim is based on the merits and severity of your injuries.

Typically, however, a claim like this taking 3-5 years is not uncommon. So as previously mentioned, getting in-line early often becomes very important.

HOW MUCH – The more severe the damages, the more value the claim has in terms of settlement. Settlement claims are often “tiered” (meaning “grouped”) into damage categories prior to diving into the individual merits of each claim.

You know the physical and emotional hardship and expenses you’ve gone through. This story is the key thing when law firms build your claim.

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