Sexual Harassment Lawyer Beaumont, TX

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Beaumont, TX

Sexual harassment lawyers handle sexual harassment cases across Texas on a daily basis. And the best sexual harassment lawyers are called upon to defend victims against sexual harassment in the workplace and otherwise. Sexual harassment can happen to both women and men. It includes unwelcome advances or unwanted physical touching. In both instances, it is illegal. You have rights. If you were sexually harassed in Beaumont TX contact Brent Coon & Associates today. Speak to a sexual harassment lawyer attorney for a case evaluation. Let the attorneys for sexual harassment in Beaumont defend your rights. Call (409) 242-5527 today.

What is Sexual Harassment and How can Sexual Assault Lawyers Help?

A man is shown in an office sexually harassing a female employee.

Sexual harassment occurs in many forms. Contact a lawyer at Brent Coon & Associates for a free case review if you have been a victim.

It is important for women to understand what sexual harassment constitutes. They need to know how a sexual harassment lawyer can help. As defined by the state of Texas, sexual harassment is:

  • Unwelcomed advances
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Unwanted physical touching that is sexual in nature

Many times, women find themselves victims. They can experience sexual harassment anywhere at any time. . These unwanted behaviors can prevent them from performing their work or living their lives. It can interfere with their overall performance at work or at home. Sexual harassment may even create a work or home environment that is hostile.

Your harasser may intimidate you and they may not appreciate your negative reaction to their sexual advances. You do not have to take this behavior. A sexual harassment attorney can take your case. They can provide you with an understanding of the law. They can help you understand how it relates to your case.

Choose a Good Sexual Abuse Lawyer That can Defend You in Various Types of Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment can cause adverse effects. A boss or manager may be sexually harassing you. They can cause you to miss out on raises. You may lose a promotion.

There are a variety of actions that are considered sexual harassment. However, there are also behaviors in Texas that are not considered sexual harassment. These include:

  • Teasing
  • Offhanded comments
  • Isolated incidents

You may not be sure that sexual harassment is happening to you. Remember that sexual harassment can happen to a woman or a man. In most instances, women are the victims. But, it is not always the case.

Your sexual harasser may also not be someone of the opposite sex. A woman can harass another woman. You may also have a harasser who is a supervisor. They could be a contractor. They could be a supervisor in another department. A co-worker could harass you. A non-employee of your company may also be an aggressor.

You do not have to be the one that is directly affected by sexual harassment. Even if you are not the direct target of the sexual harasser, you may still be affected. As a bystander to sexual harassment, you have rights. A sexual harassment lawyer can help you fight this illegal conduct.

For sexual harassment to occur, a victim must feel the negative sexual actions are unwelcome. They must feel they are unnecessary. They need to feel they are unwarranted.

Stopping Sexual Harassment

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you need to tell your harasser that they need to stop. You must make it clear to them that their behavior is unacceptable. You need to use the system provided by your employer to report the aggressor.

This may include filing paperwork. You may need to file a complaint with your human resources department or notify a department manager. This will ensure that an investigation complies with the laws in Texas.

If your employer should fail to investigate your claims, you do have rights under the law in Beaumont, TX. Your sexual harassment attorney can fight your case. They will get you the justice you deserve as a victim of sexual harassment.

A woman is stopping a man's unwanted sexual harassment.

Stopping sexual harassment in the workplace can be very difficult, especially when perpetrated by a superior. Our lawyers can help you.

Lawyers for Sexual Assault Victims can File a Sexual Harassment Case Claim

Sexual harassment complaints investigations are performed by the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Civil Rights Division. This occurs in conjunction with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These agencies will take your allegations seriously. They will look at all the circumstances surrounding your sexual harassment complaint. This often includes examining the context of the sexual behavior. It also looks at the nature of the sexual advances.

Each case investigated by the TWC and EEOC is individualized. They make a determination on a case-by-case basis. Sexual harassment convictions are made based on facts. They do not use hearsay by any party and our sexual harassment claims are taken seriously. A sexual harassment lawyer can help you get justice in your case.

Submitting a Sexual Harassment Complaint in Beaumont

There is a specific process to follow to file a sexual harassment complaint. Both current and former employees can file a complaint with the TWC’s Civil Rights Division. The TWC does work in partnership with the EEOC.

To file a complaint with the TWC, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • The company’s location is in Texas
  • The company must have 15 or more employees
  • The sexual harassment incident must have occurred within 180 days of filing your complaint

When you submit your complaint form to the TWC, it is forwarded to the EEOC. The TWC and EEOC have a work-sharing agreement. There is no need to file with just one agency. The two agencies work together and will perform an investigation together on your behalf.

The process of filing a complaint with the TWC may seem complex. A sexual harassment attorney can help you with your claim. They can ensure filing within the deadline. Your sexual harassment lawyer will make sure that your complaint is heard. They will provide you with legal guidance with your claim. They will help you fight against your harasser.

Sexual Harassment Investigation Process

When the TWC has received your complaint form, it will examine it to determine if an investigation is necessary. It will ensure the adherence to all requirements. The TWC will determine if your complaint complies with the Texas Labor Code Chapter 21. They will also check it against the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 819. If your complaint is deemed invalid, they will mail you a letter that dismisses your claims.

If your sexual harassment claim warrants an investigation, the TWC will send you a charge of discrimination form. They typically mail or email the form to you. You need to sign the form and return it to the TWC. Your sexual harassment attorney can help you with the process. They will ensure you follow the necessary procedures as outlined by the laws of Texas.

The TWC often offers mediation between you and your harasser. This allows you to discuss your grievance with the aggressor while a neutral mediator oversees the process. Efforts are made to resolve the dispute. The results should be favorable to you. These sessions often take place on the phone or in-person. Both parties involved in the case have a right to decline the voluntary mediation process.

When does an Investigation Begin?

An investigation happens when one or both parties decline to have mediation. This also will occur if a resolution cannot be met. An investigator is called in to interview all parties involved in the case. They also talk to witnesses to the sexual harassment incidents. A review of all documents happens during the investigation along with an examination of company policies and procedures.

The investigator will look at all relevant information. They will determine if there is a cause of sexual harassment. Filing of charges is made against your harasser. You need a sexual harassment lawyer to help you with your case. They will support you during the investigation process. They will provide you with assistance in fighting against your aggressor.

Lawyers Defending Sexual Harassment Victims in Beaumont, TX

Sexual harassment has to be stopped. This especially means that employers need to do their part and take the necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment to their employees. They need to let employees know that this behavior is unacceptable. Employers should enact a no-tolerance policy with procedures for sexually harassed employees.

Employers need to be proactive in preventing sexual harassment. Having a company policy about sexual harassment can send a message to would-be harassers. The grievance process needs to be straightforward for employees. Immediate steps need to be taken by an employer. This can put a stop to the sexual harassment. The appropriate actions need to occur for proper handling of an employee complaint. You need fair treatment.

Companies cannot tolerate sexual harassment. They need to send a strong message to any potential harassers. Having sexual harassment training can provide additional education. It can help employees understand the potential ramifications of sexual harassment and help end this illegal behavior.

What to Do If You are Sexually Harassed?

A man is shown getting a letter that a sexual assault claim has been filed.

If you are sexually harassed, always file a claim. Call the attorneys at Brent Coon & Assoc. for help throughout the process.

As a victim of sexual harassment, you need to protect your rights. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects your rights as a woman. You do need to take some specific steps as well. You need to document the incidents of sexual harassment. Having this information handy will provide you a record of the events that occurred during your sexual harassment.

You need to document the date, time, location, and witnesses to the harassment event. You will be able to lead investigators and help them with their case. Document all steps of the reporting process as well. Keep records of when you reported the incident to your employer. Also, note what their actions were and whether the harassment stopped.

Be sure to protect your documentation of the sexual harassment. Do not leave your records at work or where someone can easily find it. This is your personal history of your sexual harassment. It needs to remain secure at all times. Keep it in a safe place where you can access it when the times comes for an investigation.


Women Experiencing Harassment

Sexual harassment can be difficult for many women. You may feel afraid or scared of your harasser or that your job is in jeopardy. You do not have to live in fear. A sexual harassment attorney can help you with your case. They can provide you the legal advice you need to present a case to the TWC and EEOC.

Your sexual harassment lawyer in will help lead the sexual harassment investigation. They will protect your rights and help you find a solution to these unwanted sexual advances. You need an advocate on your side. A sexual harassment attorney will fight for you. They will represent you during the investigation of your claims.

There is no reason that you have to suffer in silence. Speak to a Beaumont, TX sexual harassment lawyer about the sexual harassment events that are happening to you. Do not wait to have your voice heard. A sexual harassment attorney can help you put a stop to sexual harassment. They can provide you the peace of mind you deserve.

How Can a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Help?

Your sexual harassment lawyer in Beaumont, TX can provide you with legal counsel in your sexual harassment case. They can help you understand your legal rights. They know the laws for sexual harassment. You need assistance in filing your complaint. You need to make sure your employer has followed the rules and regulations for sexual harassment in Texas.

When you work with a lawyer that knows sexual harassment law, you are afforded rights in your case. They can help you fight your harasser and get the justice you deserve in your case. They will stand by your side against a sexual harasser. We will make sure you are protected at work and at home.

If you are unsure that you are experiencing sexual harassment, a lawyer can determine if you have a case. They will help you understand if the TWC and EEOC need to investigate. They will look into your claims and advise you the next steps to take. You do not have to feel lost in your pursuit of justice against a sexual harasser. There are lawyers that are ready to take your case and provide you the care and sensitivity you deserve. Allow a sexual harassment attorney to help you.

Contact Brent Coon & Associates to Speak to a Lawyer Risk-Free

In a sexual harassment incident, you need to work with a Beaumont, TX sexual harassment attorney you can trust. The sexual harassment lawyers at Brent Coon & Associates are on your side. They will provide you with the legal guidance you need. They will help you with the complaint filing process. Contact us today and ask to speak to a sexual assault lawyer for a consultation and case evaluation. Call (409) 242-5527.


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