Sexual Harassment Attorney Beaumont, TX

Sexual Harassment Attorney Beaumont, TX

Sexual Harassment Attorney Defending Sexual Harassment Victims in the Workplace

One of the jobs of a sexual harassment attorney is to defend the rights of sexual harassment victims in the workplace. Sexual harassment should not be allowed or encouraged in any environment, including a workplace environment. Sexual harassment is not only uncomfortable but can affect someone’s job performance. You do not have to stand by and take this abuse from anyone. A Beaumont, TX sexual harassment lawyer can help defend your rights.

Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace are often subjected to sexual advances such as physical touching, or sexual comments that make you feel uncomfortable. Your work environment may even be hostile and affect your work responsibilities.

Other forms of Sexual Harassment can include intimidation, and anything that makes you feel embarrassed, humiliated, or uncomfortable due to unwarranted sexual advances, or sexual comments.

Sexual harassment can take on many forms and can negatively affect your opportunity for promotions or raises within your company. You may even suffer a job loss due to the sexual harassment. In Texas, there are laws in place to protect your rights in the workplace. A Beaumont Sexual Assault Attorney can help defend you against these grievances.


What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can include sexually motivated physical touching, sexual advances, or requests for sexual favors. All of these advances must be unwelcome and unwarranted in nature.

Sexual harassment in the workplace does not have to be between a man and a woman. It can take place in between two people of the opposite sex or same sex. The harassment can be perpetrated by a boss, manager, co-worker, or anyone that you work with/for. This can also include any authority figure at your company.

Sexual harassment in Texas is not just teasing. The state does not recognize offhanded comments as harassment. Isolated incidents may also not be considered harassment.

If you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment, speak to a Beaumont, TX sexual harassment lawyer. They can help you determine if it is happening to you. They can help you create an action plan to stop the abuse.


How Can a Sexual Harassment Attorney Help?

You may feel like you can handle the sexual harassment that is happening to you on your own. You may have told your aggressor that it makes you uncomfortable and that they need to stop. Some aggressors may be unrelenting, and the abuse may continue or get worse before you take action. You need help from an Attorney to make it stop.

Many companies have a process in place to report complaints or abuse. It is important that you follow these policies. Failing to report a complaint can end up affecting your case in the future.

When you work with a Beaumont, TX sexual harassment lawyer, you will receive the legal advice you need during this difficult time. They can help you understand the laws against sexual harassment, protect your rights and guide you through an investigation.

Most importantly, your sexual harassment lawyer in Texas will work for you. They will support you during this trying time and will help you file your complaint with the right authorities. They will make sure you follow the law in Texas and ensure compliance with state regulations.


A Sexual Harassment Lawyer can File Your Complaint for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Using your employer’s reporting structure is just one step in the complaint process. If your employer does not take the necessary steps to stop the sexual harassment, you can seek additional assistance by filing a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

The TWC works with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Both agencies will work together to investigate your claim. A sexual harassment Attorney can help you by assisting you in filing your complaint.

The TWC and EEOC have strict guidelines to adhere to when filing a sexual harassment claim. A sexual harassment Attorney can provide you assistance in filing the claim and following the regulations enforced by the TWC and EEOC. Working with a Texas sexual harassment attorney can provide you the assistance you need and help you determine the best course of action for your case.


Investigation Process for Sexual Harassment

When you file a complaint with the TWC, they will first determine if your complaint is sexual harassment by examining all of the information provided on an individualized basis. Based on the information provided they will decide whether to move forward with your complaint. If the TWC determines that sexual harassment has not occurred, you will receive a letter by mail stating this information.

If theTWC does determine that you have a valid complaint, they will offer you mediation. An unbiased third party will facilitate the mediation and both yourself and your harasser will have to be present. Mediation meetings can take place in person, by phone or remotely.

Mediation is entirely voluntary and can be refused by you or the harasser. Mediation is only considered the first step in this process. Mediation must be favorable to both parties in order for Mediation to move forward.


What if Mediation Fails?

An investigation will be opened if mediation does not bring the desired results. The TWC and EEOC will work together to carry out an investigation and will most likely take place at your workplace. TWC and EEOC will interview you, the harasser and all witnesses. Any relevant documentation will be reviewed during this process. One of the documents that may be presented is your report to your employer.

The TWC and EEOC will take all the evidence they have gathered into account when deciding whether sexual harassment did take place in the workplace. The TWC and EEOC look at each case on an individual basis. No two cases are the exact time. No two results of a case are the same either.

Having a Beaumont, TX sexual harassment lawyer on your side can help you through this process. Investigations are emotionally charged, and you need an attorney that will represent you during the investigation.

Your Texas sexual harassment lawyer is your advocate. They work for you and will help lead the investigation. They will be by your side during the mediation process. Also, they can advise you when to accept a resolution or if an investigation is warranted.


What Should You Do if You are Sexually Harassed?

If you are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to start documenting the events. This means that you create a log of when the harassment occurred. You need to also include where the harassment took place as well as if there were any witnesses. Keep a detailed account of what occurred during each event. This information will prove valuable during an investigation by the TWC and EEOC.

Be sure to keep the record of your sexual harassment in a safe place. Leaving this information out in the open is dangerous because others could see it or steal it from your possession. Make sure you keep this record away from where the sexual harassment is taking place and make sure it is kept in a safe place. Your Texas sexual harassment attorney will let you know when it is needed.

Having good documentation of your sexual harassment events can help you remember exactly what happened during each instance. During an interview, your memory can get foggy and keeping a diary of each incident will help you remember the details of the harassment.

You also need to let your harasser know that their inappropriate behavior needs to stop. Tell them “no” and report them to your employer. If the sexual harassment continues, do not hesitate to speak to a Texas sexual harassment attorney.


Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint in Texas

Filing your complaint with the TWC needs to happen quickly because you have only 180 days to file your claim. A Beaumont, TX sexual harassment lawyer will help you process your complaint.

There is a complaint form that needs to be filed with the TWC. It is not necessary to file your complaint with both the TWC and EEOC. The TWC and EEOC have a work-sharing agreement. The TWC will automatically send your complaint to the EEOC.

To file your complaint with the TWC, you need to adhere to their guidelines. The location of your company must be in Texas, your employer must have 15 employees or more and your sexual harassment must fall under the TWC’s guidelines for the act. Let a lawyer in Texas help you with the filing process. A Texas sexual harassment lawyer will ensure you follow the regulations according to the law.


Contact a Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney Today!

If you are a victim of harassment, you need a sexual harassment lawyer that is on your side. A sexual harassment attorney at Brent Coon & Associates in Beaumont Texas will fight for justice in your case. They will protect your legal rights and stop the sexual harassment in your workplace. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


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