Minimizing Arguments During Settlement Negotiations

Minimizing Arguments During Settlement Negotiations

Now that people have wider access to information, they’re learning that car insurance settlements are part of a negotiation process. Years ago, it used to be that you just accepted whatever check came your way. Now people know that they need to negotiate for a higher settlement if they want to recover all the damages they sustained from the crash. Can you negotiate your settlement alone? Certainly, but it’s not advisable.

It’s difficult for an individual to start negotiating with a high-powered company that has attorneys running circles around you. They use a combination of legalese and unknown company policy to make it difficult for ordinary people to have meaningful settlement negotiation discussions. You can use these steps to minimize arguments during the settlement negotiation process. You can also contact one of our experienced Beaumont car accident attorneys.

Don’t Accept that First Check!

Your car insurance company may have rushed to issue a check. They often do, and they do this because they want you to cash that check and leave your right to pursue further compensation. They see this as a closure of the claim. But your settlement negotiations started long before this check showed up. In fact, your settlement negotiations began with your demand letter.

The purpose of writing a demand letter is to explain the dispute and outline the full value of the damages you experienced. Most people lean towards the higher end of their damages, knowing that this will likely only come down from the demand letters figure.

Learn About Negotiations from Texas Car Accident Attorneys

Attorneys are professionals at negotiation, and they learn these skills not only through school but through extensive experience. From being in the room and actively debating and asking questions, they learn more about the other negotiator. Of course, the ultimate goal is to use these negotiation skills to reach a resolution that is best for their client. However, that doesn’t mean you go in guns blazing and slamming fists on tables.

If you’ve ever watched an attorney at work, it’s pretty boring. Keep your voice calm, keep your demeanor calm, and ask questions that prompt the answer you want.

What Should Happen During Negotiations?

What will ideally happen during settlement negotiations is that you’ll exchange a series of questions. You ask a question; they give a short answer and ask you a question. This keeps arguments to a minimum because it works around the accusation element that often comes into play during negotiations. This is one of the great tactics to keep a dispute out of court and can save you and your car insurance company a substantial amount in court costs.

What do you want to accomplish during negotiations as an environment set up for collaboration. Yes, you were going in there with a goal figure. However, you and your attorney should discuss the likely possibility of not attaining that goal. Instead, you should have that whole figure, and a bottom figure that is the lowest you’re willing to accept that will still cover your damages.

I’m going in with an open mind, two different figures, an agenda, and a series of questions that can help create a successful negotiation environment.

Minimize Arguments with Proper Planning

One of the major elements of negotiations is to understand the other party’s arguments. Plan ahead for why they might lower the value of your claim, and what they might argue. If they believe you were partially at-fault, then you need to address that.

Lead Your Negotiations with a Texas Car Accident Lawyer

If you don’t want to settlement negotiations alone, you may be hard-pressed to see any changes. Most people that attempt to negotiate a settlement with car insurance companies get nothing but arguments and possibly a minor adjustment in compensation. It’s not that you’re not well-equipped to debate and negotiate. What is often the issue is that car insurance providers feel that they don’t have to negotiate with you.

However, when you leave your negotiations with the Texas car accident attorney, they realize that if they don’t negotiate and settle, the case will go to court. Car insurance companies certainly don’t want to take on court fees and risk the possibility of having to pay out much more than what they could’ve settled that. Brent Coon and Associates understand this, and we lead with aggressive negotiation tactics, while also being unafraid to move a case further and take it to a judge.

Call Brent Coon and Associates for support from the very start of your car accident claim. You certainly don’t have to wait until settlement negotiations. Get started now.


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