How to Stay Comfortable During Your Recovery

How to Stay Comfortable During Your Recovery

Recovering from any type of car accident can call for an extensive amount of time and patience. Soft-tissue damages can take weeks to heal, while surgeries may take months. You may have experienced injuries that will require months of recovery after surgery and then months more of rehabilitation and even vocational rehabilitation.

Staying comfortable when you’re in pain, and when you have little sights on the future is a challenge. Make sure that you do everything in your power to improve the quality of your time in recovery. And while you’re recovering, let one of our Beaumont car accident attorneys handle your claim.

Work with Your Physical Therapist

Of course, following your doctor’s instructions is important, but don’t forget that your physical therapist is a medical professional too. If they send you home with exercises to do on your time, make sure you do them. Additionally, if they tell you that there are restrictions with what you can do around the house, abide by them.

It is never recommended that you push yourself physically without a medical professional present to help ensure that you’re building muscle and recovering the correct way. Listen to your physical therapist and do your best to make it to every appointment. They can help you in other ways, too, as many are very positive forces within their patient’s lives.

Returning to Work with “Modified/Light” Duty

You can’t return to work without a sign-off from your doctor, and your doctor may not be ready to have you working full days again. What they will do to compromise is to put you on a modified or light duty work release. This usually means that you’re going to generally be spending less time at work and not doing any of the strenuous activities involved with your job. It can be a challenge because many people are ready to return to work mentally, but then physically feel as though they’re not pulling their weight.

Talk to your HR person or your manager about their expectations and what you would like to accomplish while on light duty. It is the perfect opportunity to conquer the many administrative tasks that often go undone because there isn’t enough time. Additionally, having this chat with your manager might help you both understand that you want to do more than you can. Your employer will likely not budge from a modified or light duty order as it could legally put them at risk.

Be Flexible with Recovery Dates

Some of the best advice on recovering includes the need to be flexible. It is very possible that on Monday, one doctor will say that you’ll be back on your feet in a week, but on Wednesday, another doctor says you should expect a six-week recovery time.

Instead of focusing on a time frame, put your efforts into recovering your abilities. Be flexible by focusing on what you can at the moment, and what you weren’t able to do yesterday. This is exceptionally difficult for those who are in the resting phase of their recovery. It can be very difficult to hear that you may be waiting for weeks before you can return to work or even return home.

With recovery after serious injuries caused in a car wreck, you should be as flexible as possible and go with the flow. It can not only help you keep your focus on the here and now, but also keep your mind off of all the things that you feel you should be doing instead.

Rely on a Texas Car Accident Attorney for Support

A Texas car accident lawyer probably wasn’t what you had in mind on the day of your crash. No one really expects to have to call in an attorney to resolve a crash. Most adults are comfortable with handling crash resolution for fender benders and parking lot scrapes. But, when you have serious injuries that have you out of work and on the couch for weeks at a time, you need the extra help.

Getting compensation that should cover all of your recovery aspects, such as the pain and suffering, as well as the time you lost at work. However, insurance companies often take advantage of the fact that a recently injured person needs all the help that they can get when it comes to handling their compensation. These companies will offer extremely low settlements with the idea that the urgency justifies the drastic drop in compensation. Don’t get caught up in insurance company tricks. Instead, call Brent Coon and Associates for guidance and support.


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