Do We Put Too Much Faith in Automated Safety Systems?

Do We Put Too Much Faith in Automated Safety Systems?

It’s 2020, and still, there are no flying cars or intergalactic travel. However, there are some astounding new safety features that are becoming standard across various vehicle makes and models. By 2030 it would be safe to expect these features in nearly every vehicle or every sedan at least!

But what about now? Have you noticed that the driver mentality has changed? Now we’re expecting the automated safety features on vehicles to do the work for us. We don’t need to steer or pay attention if Lane Assist and auto-brake do the hard parts for us. Videos of people sleeping behind the wheel or speaking animatedly instead of paying attention are going viral. That’s good because people need to see that there’s a high risk with these automated systems—the risk of complacency. You should reach out to our Beaumont car accident attorneys for more information on these devices.

Auto-Braking and Early Stop Detection Systems—Do They Work?

Automatic braking systems are extremely complex. What happens is multiple systems will work together at once. There’s a detection system, a brake intervention system, sensors, computer response, and more. For mechanics, this is pretty standard, as each part under the hood relies on one system and feeds another. However, for people, it’s a little trickier to accept.

Questions such as, “What happens when a sensor goes out?” are major concerns. But again, to mechanics and engineers, this isn’t a big problem because sensors go out all the time, which is worrisome. But what it all comes down to is driver responsibility.

When you review auto-brake systems from the mechanic or engineer’s perspective, it doesn’t seem any more or less dangerous than any other vehicle feature. That’s the point. This safety feature is a bonus. It will not replace a human driver without significant advancements.

Lane Detection or Lane Assist

Lane Assist, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Detection all refer to the same system. What happens here is that the vehicle has sensors along the front, and when it detects the edge of a lane, it makes it difficult for the driver to leave the lane.

It starts with a gentle nudge and an alert. Then more alerts. Lane Assist makes it difficult to change lanes or leave a lane without using a turn signal. It’s good building the habit of using your signal, but a drunk driver could still change lanes erratically. If anything, they might become more frustrated at the opposing pull of the vehicle.

Should We Put Our Faith in These Systems?

No. These systems are just added features. You certainly wouldn’t depend on a seat-warmer to keep away frostbite. It’s the same thing. You can’t depend on these features to end traffic fatalities. But, they should help to reduce the impact of a crash and maybe with time reduce crashes overall.

We are still in the very early years of these types of safety features. Each year the new models roll out with huge jumps in safety detection, alerts, and vehicle responses. When things are changing this quickly, it’s not reasonable to rely on an auto-brake feature.

So next time you see someone cruising along without a hand on the wheel, letting Lane Assist do the work, contact the local PD. Now, if they were part of your wreck, you may have a slightly easier case. Vehicles record all manner of data, including the dependence on Lane Assist and auto-brake features. Proving negligence and fault could be easier if you can show the driver made no attempt to brake or was not worried about staying in their lane.

At the moment, people relying on these features exclusively are a hindrance to others on the road. They’re making it more dangerous because they feel as though these safety features reduce the responsibility of driving safely.

Calling a Texas Auto Accident Attorney

We’re seeing a greater than initially expected increase of people becoming too reliant on these technologies. The result is that they will crash in their own lane, or slam into someone after auto-braking unnecessarily. These safety systems, without a doubt, can help prevent accidents and reduce injuries or even fatalities. However, they cannot work the way they were meant to if the person behind the wheel isn’t engaged.

When building your case against the at-fault driver, make sure that you consider the safety systems in place. You don’t want this driver to get off with something scot-free because they blamed it on a safety feature. Fight for your compensation, get what you’re owed, and move forward with your life. Brent coon and Associates helps the victims of car accidents across Texas. Contact our Beaumont car accident attorneys today.


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