Is My Injury Serious Enough for a Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Is My Injury Serious Enough for a Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Texas personal injury cases are common, as people can be injured due to the negligence of others in countless ways. Accidents happened on the road or in the workplace. People may slip and fall on someone’s property or at a business. The law in Texas allows people to file a personal injury lawsuit if they were harmed by a careless driver, a faulty vehicle part, medical malpractice, a known safety issue on someone’s property, and other acts of negligence.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s official website, 22,250 crashes and injuries occurred in work zones in 2020. That year, 205,498 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes.

There are cases where the victims do not file a claim for compensation because they think their injuries are not severe enough. They assume they don’t have a valid claim. Since the regulations are complicated, many people may be unsure if they are eligible for a lawsuit.

Our personal injury attorneys can assess your case and advise you on your legal options. Here, we examine what damages victims can recover.

Determining If You Have a Case

Remember that personal injuries can happen due to anything, a slip, a road accident, rash driving, tripping on stairs, and many other situations. Before filing a Texas personal injury lawsuit, the first question you need to ask yourself is that are you eligible to take legal action?

There are four elements to a personal injury claim:

Duty of Care

This means the defendant must have a responsibility towards you. All road users have a duty to others to obey traffic laws and to drive carefully. Property owners must warn visitors of any possible safety hazards.

Breach of Duty

The defendant did not fulfill their obligations. Examples of breach of duty include distracted driving, drunk driving, running a red light, and a business not putting out a wet floor sign.


The defendant’s breach of duty must be the cause of your injury.


You experienced harm, such as injuries, financial expenses, and pain and suffering due to the accident.

Is My Injury Severe Enough?

Personal injury claims aren’t reserved only for victims with the most severe of injuries, such as those who need surgery or are left with a life-long disability. You may consider yourself lucky if you survive a car accident with relatively minor injuries. This doesn’t mean that you’ll escape vehicle repair and medical bills.

Victims may seek compensation for financial damages like lost wages, medical bills, and property damage as well as non-financial damages like pain and suffering.

Most personal injury cases are resolved with a settlement. This allows victims to get the compensation they need faster, without having to take the case to court. It’s important to work with a personal injury attorney who can determine what your case is worth and ensure you aren’t tricked into accepting a low-ball settlement.

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