PTSD & Your Personal Injury Case in Texas

PTSD & Your Personal Injury Case in Texas

If you have developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an assault or accident, this can certainly create hardships and tough situations for the victims. Yet, compensation through legal action is available in personal injury cases in Texas for any emotional, mental and physical setback.

It’s been 20 years that medical professionals have realized the psychological repercussions of accidents. Symptoms like depression and panic attacks can seriously disturb your life and make it challenging to find relief. Unfortunately, it is quite an overwhelming task to prove PTSD in a court of law.

Symptoms of PTSD:

Signs of PTSD may not show within a month or more after an accident. However, a few of the most common symptoms are the following.

1. Re-Experiencing the Traumatic Incident:

A victim may have persistent thoughts about the mishap. The victim may relive what has already happened or have nightmares about it. This could increase the likelihood of insomnia, mood swings, severe depression, irrational fears of drug abuse, and in the worst scenario, suicidal thoughts.

2. Reluctance or Denial to Drive Again:

The individual may no longer want to take a similar route again or completely avoid driving as they could be surrounded by incident related-fears. In some serious cases, they might refuse to drive ever again.

3. Numbing of Emotional Responsiveness:

The victims at times experience a complete absence of any feeling or emotion. They may be detached or isolate themselves from the rest.

4. Increased Agitation:

The injured individual may experience emotional irrationality, sleeping disorder, or hypertension that further worsens the condition. This aggravates the situation and they might become antisocial and distance themselves from the people around them.

Texas Statutes Allow Personal Injury Case Victims in Texas to Acquire Non-Economic Damages:

Non-economic damage under the Texas Statutes gives compensation to the victims for their non-monetary losses. For instance, a monetary loss includes the charges for medical treatment or lost salaries. In contrast, non-economic damage includes physical agony and suffering, mental, and emotional anguish & pain. Victims left with chronic pain caused by the accident often lead towards PTSD. Studies have revealed that 69% of those with PTSD also experienced chronic pain.

PTSD Treatment and Diagnosis:

A medical practitioner can do a detailed and advanced screening to diagnose PTSD. Proof of the diagnosis is essential to seek compensation for non-economic damages. PTSD treatment bills and expenses fall under the category of economic damages.

PTSD is quite complex, which is why it’s significant to have an expert testify on your behalf. They will explain the issue and will provide informed opinions if necessary. They ensure the juror is well-aware of all the information about the situation and will draw reasonable conclusions based on the facts rather than perceived notions about PTSD.

Five Ways an Expert Can Assist Your Case:

There are numerous reasons why an expert in your corner can greatly aid you in the courtroom. There are five compelling reasons for getting an expert by your side.

  • They will reaffirm the nature of the injury with a better understanding of how PTSD affects the quality of life. They can explain how social withdrawal, debilitating flashbacks, and emotional setbacks are a cause of concern. This will strengthen your case altogether.
  • PTSD is caused by various psychological and physiological factors that are major contributors. Here, it is imperative to establish a vivid line of causation from the accident. An expert can assist by showing how a traumatic accident triggers this sort of injury.
  • They are well aware of the true cost of your injury. This is because a personal injury case in Texas is fundamentally about recovering damages related to medical and life expenses.
  • They offer a great level of credibility to your case. Having them by your side is an excellent way to make your case stronger in a court of law. This can certainly increase your chances of a positive result.
  • They support the testimony of witnesses or individuals who have testified to the change in a person’s health or behavior. Moreover, they can give a professional opinion on whether or not you will get PTSD compensation.

Experienced Legal Guidance for PTSD Caused by Accidents:

If you are struggling with PTSD after an accident, it’s quite tough to deal with the challenges surrounded by the series of events. The advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer or expert testimony will prepare you to fight for fair compensation in a personal injury case in Texas. We have experience in handling several complicated accident cases from all over Texas.


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