Preparing a Deposition with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas

Preparing a Deposition with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Texas

A deposition is a really significant part of a court case as the evidence is incomplete without it. So, in every state including Texas, if you file for a personal injury case you must have your deposition prepared. However, you certainly would need assistance with that, so you can seek guidance from an experienced personal injury lawyer in Texas.

Once you’ve hired your attorney you should discuss your case with them and take consultation on how to prepare an effective deposition. If your deposition isn’t well prepared, your case might not be able to stand strong against the defendant which will damage your credibility. You should prepare sufficiently before you give your deposition.

Deposition and Why It’s Necessary:

Even before you hire a lawyer you should know what a deposition is. It is basically used as evidence in any case of court-ordered testimony that collects the witness’s answers to a number of case-related questions. These questions can come from either of the parties but majorly come from the defendant’s attorney.

The whole deposition is transcribed by a court reporter and recorded on video if necessary. All these legal statements are taken under oath so they hold great value. But to get your deposition processed smoothly, it is necessary that you consult an experienced personal injury lawyer in Texas.

A consistent and factually correct deposition will strengthen your personal injury claim and get your desired settlement. It also helps in keeping the statements safe as the proceedings sometimes take months or years and the memory of the witnesses starts to blur out. This is why deposition is considered reliable evidence in a court of law.

Rules for Preparing a Deposition:

A personal injury lawyer in Texas would help you prepare for a deposition. However, the first thing you and your witnesses need to know is that there are certain rules for giving a deposition in a personal injury case in Texas. Here is a guide to surviving your personal injury deposition without failing any rules in the courts of Texas:

1. Avoid Misstatement and Exaggeration:

The whole deposition is stored in the court records forever in the form of a transcript and video which means once the facts are stated they cannot be changed. So it is a necessity that all your witnesses should have their stories intact, as they will be held accountable for any misstatement or exaggeration. Moreover, anything you or your witnesses say can be turned back to you by the defense lawyer.

2. Don’t Rush to Answer:

Listen to every question carefully and take your time in processing it before you deliver your statement against it. At times you will be tempted to spontaneously answer the opposing attorney but even then you have to calm yourself and speak consciously.

3. Keep Your Answers Precise:

No matter how much the defense lawyer pushes or triggers your nervousness, you need to keep your answers precise. This is because the more you’ll talk the more chances there are that you’ll say something you shouldn’t. It also gives the defense attorney to put words in your mouth.

4. Avoid Giving Statement in Figures:

If you are unsure about the time, date, distance, or any other figure, it’s better to keep that out of your statement so that your statement doesn’t lose credibility.

5. Clearly Understand Questions:

It is likely that you might get confused about some of the questions the attorney or anyone else asks you. In a situation like that you should ask for the attorney to either repeat the question or to explain it. Never hesitate to do so, as you might give the wrong answer that the defense attorney could use in their own favor.

6. Maintain Courtesy and Professionalism:

Some of the questions that the defense attorney will ask might make you nervous and shake your confidence. It is important that you don’t let it show on you, maintain your professionalism, and extend your courtesy because you don’t have anything personal against the defense attorney.

7. Avoid the “Yes”:

Some defense attorneys ask a series of true questions that you’ll answer yes to and trick you into saying yes to the ones that you wouldn’t have answered otherwise. Watch out for the damaging questions as they can cost you a lot.

If you are seeking to prepare your deposition with the guidance of a personal injury lawyer in Texas, Brent Coon & Associates is here to assist you through your case. Contact us today and we will get you in touch with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.


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