Medical Malpractice for Prescribing Opioids? 

Medical Malpractice for Prescribing Opioids? 

Can you sue your doctor for chronically prescribing your opioid that it turns out you may not have needed? Pain killers are common prescriptions, but for short-term pain, there’s no need for opioids, and many doctors have spent years handing them out quite literally like Halloween candy. When you choose to break that cycle and end your use of opioids, you may realize that what was a simple prescription now has you as part of the nationwide opioid epidemic. 

Your doctor became your drug dealer, and in the same line of dependence, they profited off of the harm that was caused to you and continued that harm for their benefit. Getting help in fighting a case based around improper prescribing of opioids is something you should consider. 

Can Doctors Prescribe Opioids to Minors?

Many people struggle to understand that not treating pain can lead to further harm as well as undue psychological stress. For adults, it is really up to them; they can take the prescription or not. But for the minors, usually, a parent will follow a doctor’s recommendation, and if they recommend an opioid pain reliever, then they will probably go through with it. 

The opioid crisis through 1999 and 2016 led to about 9,000 overdoses each year among children and teens. It’s a startling statistic, but the result is something that largely could have been avoided. Addictive substances are rarely fit for children, and often, they should be used only to treat severe injuries and excruciating pain with ibuprofen or acetaminophen working in other situations. 

opioid pills on table.

What if the Prescription Leads to an Addiction

The recent trend in this issue is that pharmacies are suing doctors when they realize or identify misuse of the product. In that vein of thought, the pharmacist or their staff could be liable for misuse and even distribution of the product, and the doctors over-prescribing it can make them liable. That is one of the many reasons that pharmacists such as the ones in Ohio sue for overprescribing. 

If you’ve noticed overprescribing in your case, then you should consult with not only a personal injury attorney but a pharmaceutical expert as well. You may be able to show that there was intent to promote addiction for continued substance use and benefit. 

Anyone who schedules a consultation for this type of medical malpractice concern should pursue treatment for the addiction. Not only to get help in piecing your life back together but also to show that a treatment center admitted you because of an addiction, not that the addiction is self-diagnosed. 

Should You Report Abuse or Dependency to Your Doctor?

Absolutely. If you feel that you cannot stop taking the medication prescribed by your doctor, you should tell them and right away. You should also tell them when you feel as though you need a pill outside of the prescribed regimen. If you feel like you need another dose between doses, it may be a sign of a budding addiction rather than a need for pain relief. 

Reporting this concern can also help you showcase proof that you attempted to communicate your struggle with the addiction early on to a medical professional specifically that you reported it to the medical professional who was in charge of your prescription and then that they continued to update or prolong your use of the product. 

Who Can Help in Understanding Prescription Malpractice 

With these cases for medical malpractice, you’ll need to show that the doctor prescribed more than a recommended dosage for you or allowed the prescription to continue when it shouldn’t have. One example is that a doctor may prescribe you Vicodin for a broken bone. After a few days or weeks, you should no longer need that prescription, but if they continue it or allow you to refill it, then it’s a problem. 

Contact a Texas Personal Injury Attorney for Your Malpractice Case

In Texas, the opioid epidemic is as bad as ever, and the people responsible are often doctors. In a string of cases throughout the nation, it is becoming common to file a case against the doctors who unnecessarily prescribed addictive and harmful substances. Contact Brent Coon and Associates for guidance on handling your case with a strong focus on proving the damages and fighting for compensation. 

After being prescribed opioids and building an addiction, you may have needed care or assistance to end that addiction. You may have also experienced set back in recovering from an injury because of the addiction. Get in touch with our offices at Brent Coon and Associates now. 


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