Speeding Sports Car Causes Fatal Crash Killing 3

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Speeding Sports Car Causes Fatal Crash Killing 3

A speeding sports car caused a crash this Friday that resulted in the death of three people. The crash involved three vehicles and took place in El Paso, Texas.

According to the details shared by the police so far, the collision was initiated by a speeding sports car driven by Billy Ray Ethridge Jr., 45. He was driving eastbound on Hercules when he rear-ended another vehicle. The other vehicle was forced to swerve off the road and hit a tree. However, all the people in this vehicle remained safe.

After rear-ending this vehicle, Ethridge then lost control of the vehicle and got into the opposite lane. It was then that his vehicle came into a head-on collision with a minivan. This crash proved fatal for the passengers in both vehicles involved. The minivan had two passengers in it at the time of the collision. These have been identified as Pascual Garcia, 76, and Carolina Garcia-Amaya, 72. Both Garcias sustained serious injuries as a result of the collision and died on the scene of the accident. Ethridge also died at the spot by the time help crews arrived.

The passengers of the car that had first been rear-ended, fortunately, survived with very minor injuries. In fact, they were able to walk away from the crash site. These three fortunate survivors have been identified as Danny Parra, 23, Sergio Zarate, 23, and John Milam Jr., 25.

The police are still investigating the crash and looking at other details. However, so far the investigation points at speeding as the main factor that led to the accident. The exact scene of the accident was located between the Leo Street and Mercury Street. The crash took place in the late hours of the day at around 5 p.m.

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Source: https://kvia.com/traffic/2020/01/17/serious-injuries-possible-deaths-in-3-car-northeast-el-paso-crash/


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