Car Crash On I-25 Kills One, Critically Injures Another

Car Crash On I-25 Kills One, Critically Injures Another

A car crash on the Interstate 25 that took place on Tuesday left one person dead and another critically injured. The accident took place in the evening.

According to the details released by the Colorado State Patrol, the accident took place when the driver of a Buick lost control. The Buick was traveling southbound on I-25 at the time of the accident. Near Pueblo, the vehicle veered across the median. It then came directly into the path of the northbound traffic on the highway. Regina Tarrow of Pueblo was driving the vehicle at the time.

After crossing the median, the Buick collided into a Volkswagen van that was traveling northbound in the other lane. After hitting the Volkswagen, the Buick veered across an embankment. Tarrow wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision. She sustained serious injuries and was immediately rushed to a hospital in Pueblo. After receiving emergency medical aid, she was flown to Denver to receive treatment for her injuries. According to the troopers with the Colorado State Patrol, her condition remains critical.

The other driver in the Volkswagen which was hit by the Buick wasn’t so fortunate. After the collision, the Volkswagen caught fire and went down a nearby embankment. The driver of the Volkswagen died on the scene of the accident. State troopers have not released the identity of the driver yet in accordance with the policy of keeping accident victim details private until the family has been informed.

The northbound lanes of the I-25 were shut down for several hours in the wake of the crash. It is not clear so far exactly how Tarrow lost control of her Buick and veered into the northbound lane, causing the crash. Police have not ruled out alcohol as a factor.

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