Corpus Christi: Teen Dies In Rollover Crash on NAS Drive

Corpus Christi: Teen Dies In Rollover Crash on NAS Drive

A teenager died in a rollover crash on NAS Drive on Monday, November 29, the Corpus Christi Police Department (CCPD) informed. The vehicle was being driven by a 64-year-old. The victim has been identified as 18-year-old Isabella Trevino. 

As per CCPD lieutenant Colby Burris, the incident occurred near Webb Street on NAS Drive a little after 3 pm. 

The driver reportedly was not driving correctly and did not yield to the right of way. This caused the vehicle to be hit on the side where the passenger was seated. Another oncoming car crashed into it, causing the teen’s death. As soon as the incident took place, crews were called for the rescue of the people involved. 

The teen was pulled out of the wreckage and was then taken to the hospital. Shortly after, the teen was pronounced dead. The drivers of the two vehicles involved in the rollover crash on NAS Drive did not sustain any injuries, the police informed. 

A portion of NAS Drive-in had to be shut down while the CCPD investigated the rollover accident. Two lanes of traffic were closed as the police cleared the scene and gathered details of the incident. The lanes were later reopened. 

While speaking to reporters, Burris denied the role of alcohol in this incident and did not specify which vehicle caused the unfortunate incident to occur. One of the vehicles also failed to respond to the stop sign on their side of the road. 

The lieutenant also emphasized the importance of stop signs, saying, “The stop signs are there for a reason.” He reiterated that they are there to protect the people and urged citizens to be more aware of road signs.

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