Houston Woman Sentenced to 10 Years for Shooting a Man

Houston Woman Sentenced to 10 Years for Shooting a Man

A woman in Houston, Texas has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting a man. The sentence has been pronounced in response to a charge of aggravated assault. Cassandra Damper accidentally shot Devyn Holmes back in April 2018 when they were broadcasting an event on Facebook Live stream from a car.

In the video broadcast online, Damper is shown wielding a gun. She then accidentally discharged the gun and shot Holmes in the head. Holmes miraculously survived but has been confined to a wheelchair since.

In the wake of the shooting, Damper lied to the officers who reached the car where the shooting took place. She claimed that Holmes had accidentally shot himself. Later investigations revealed that Damper had pulled the trigger, which was also substantiated by the Facebook Live video. For this reason, an additional charge of tampering with evidence was also brought against Damper, for which she was sentenced 5 years. She will serve both sentences simultaneously.

The final hearing and the sentencing took place this Tuesday. During the hearing, Damper took the stand and confessed to shooting Holmes. She also made a tearful apology and explained why she had first lied to the officers. According to her statement, she was in utter shock and simply couldn’t believe that the gun in her hand had fired. She also claimed that she had no idea the gun was loaded.

Damper saw Holmes for the first time since the shooting. Holmes also took the stand at the hearing. Sitting in a wheelchair, he said that Damper should be sentenced to prison as her mistake had left him with serious disabilities.

According to the prosecution, Damper called 911 soon after the shooting but claimed at the time that Holmes had shot himself. However, the authorities received a copy of the Facebook Live video which directly indicted Damper. If you or someone you know is injured due to the carelessness of another person, contact our Houston personal injury lawyers today!

Source: https://abc7ny.com/woman-sentenced-to-prison-after-facebook-live-shooting/5763902/


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