One Dead in Fatal Accident on Highway 12 in Texas

One Dead in Fatal Accident on Highway 12 in Texas

One person has died from the serious injuries sustained in a car accident that happened on Highway 12 in Texas. The accident took place on Monday between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.

According to the authorities, the accident took place when a car traveling eastbound on the highway left its lane. Randall Lee Castle, 45, of Vidor was driving the car at the time. Castle somehow drove into the westbound lane of the highway, causing a head-on collision with a truck. The car collided straight into an 18-wheeler at the 7000 block of the highway.

The Vidor Police Department Dispatch Center received news of the accident right away. Officers reached the scene of the crash where they confirmed that Castle had died from his injuries. The truck driver also sustained minor injuries and was transported to the Beaumont hospital.

The police initially withheld the details of the deceased until his family had been notified. The deceased hailed from Vidor, Texas. The identity of the driver has not been revealed by the police.

Following the crash, the police closed down the traffic in both directions on Highway 12. The traffic remained closed for many hours and was opened once the police had conducted preliminary investigations.

According to eyewitness reports received by the police, the collision was caused by the drifting of the car from its lane to the opposite lane. This confirms that the truck driver was not guilty of any negligence in causing the crash. However, the police are continuing to investigate the case and more facts surrounding the collision may become available in the coming days.

18-wheeler trucks are a vital part of the economy and are especially important for many Texas-based industries. However, these also lead to more than 500,000 trucking accidents every year across United States.

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