2020 FREE use of Brentwood Facility and Country Club of Texas for ALL WOMEN

2020 FREE use of Brentwood Facility and Country Club of Texas for ALL WOMEN

 Brentwood Entertainment Complex’s

“Year of the Woman”




Greetings from the Brentwood Entertainment Complex:

Each year we endeavor to honor a group of people in our community by providing FREE memberships to our entire entertainment complex, including free golf at the Country Club of Texas. Past recipients have included organized labor and union members, first responders who did so much for the region after massive flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and last year to our Regional Educators that help shape the lives of our children every day.

This year we would like to honor a special group of people, women. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the suffrage movement that ultimately gave women the right to vote in the United States. It took over a century for our great nation to begin to recognize women as an equal member of our society and even though there may still be room for improvement, we recognize how far we have come and the many accomplishments women have achieved over this last century despite facing adversity.

So today, from Brent Coon & the Brentwood Entertainment Complex, we would like to extend a FREE membership to Brentwood Entertainment Complex, for all women. This includes the well-known Country Club of Texas. This access is provided throughout 2020 and is our way of honoring a group of people who have such an integral role within our society.

You will have FREE, individual access to the Brentwood Entertainment Facility, including free golf green fees, free golf lessons, access to the outdoor pool and Bahama Beach Club and to the tennis courts. Only cart fees will be required for golf. Tee times are recommended and can be made by calling the pro shop at Brentwood Entertainment Complex during normal business hours. The honorary membership extends through all of 2020.

In addition to owning and operating Brentwood Entertainment Complex, Brent Coon is the CEO/Founder of Brent Coon and Associates, a highly successful national law firm with offices across the Country. The law firm has raised tens of millions of dollars for local charitable endeavors in our community through toy drives, food drives, creative legal settlements,  golf tournaments and other fundraising platforms.

At our golf facility, this includes raising over $100,000 through an annual golf tournament benefiting the Lone Survivor Foundation, a nonprofit that provides care for wounded veterans and their families through health, wellness and therapeutic support. The money raised provides support for the Crystal Beach rehabilitation facility built in 2015.

The firm individually committed to a local toy drive in 2017 which distributed over 5,000 toys to elementary students at five of the hardest hit areas due to flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and annually sponsors the area high school golf teams with free access to the facility’s golf course. Brent Coon & Associates also partnered with KFDM Channel 6 for their annual ToyFeast (Toy & Food) drive in December of 2018 and donated over one thousand more toys for Southeast Texas families in need.

Whether it’s providing financial support for veterans’ facilities, giving toys and food to families in need, or giving away 3,000 Toby Keith concert tickets to our first responders, Brent Coon continues to find more ways to give back to the community that he calls home.

“I grew up right here, as did six generations of my family before me, and extending this invitation to help those in the community that give so much of themselves, is not just a kind gesture — It’s what we do in Southeast Texas. This year, we are proud to extend some well-deserved attention and appreciation to the women of the region. My wife Lisa and I live on the golf course and enjoy hosting many of the activities and events at the facility and operating an enterprise that can give so much back to the community we love” stated Brent Coon.

What do you need to do now to activate your membership?

Absolutely nothing! You simply show up to Brentwood Entertainment Complex and partake in our many amenities. As a member, you are welcome to bring guests as well. Many aspects of the facility are open to the public regardless, including the golf facility, for a daily fee rate.

What do you need to do when you come out?

Absolutely nothing! “If you are new to golf, we can provide you with free lessons and equipment to get you started and my wife Lisa is always looking for playing partners as well” stated Brent Coon.

Brentwood Entertainment Complex is offering a unique opportunity called “Happy Hour Golf Lessons!” This would include FREE golf lessons the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, beginning on Friday March 13th, from 5:30PM to 6:30PM. All Friday lessons will be taught by BT3 Golf Academy in Beaumont, a professional Golf Academy that provides personalized golf lessons. Saturday lessons will be available for those that cannot attend Friday lessons, but may be contingent on demand.

Those participating in the lessons will have the option to be served FREE wine, beer, and soft drinks during your first lesson.

You must sign up before noon on March 13th to partake in the “Happy Hour Golf Lessons.”

You can reserve your spot by visiting the pro shop at Brentwood-Country Club of Texas.

In closing; welcome to Brentwood Entertainment Complex! We hope that you enjoy the use of our facility. Brent Coon has spent over 20 years building and improving the complex into what it is today, the best all-around golf course and entertainment facility in Southeast Texas. As the management of the facility, we are delighted to open our arms to all women. Have a great time!



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