What Are the Most Significant Driving Distractions?

What Are the Most Significant Driving Distractions?

When talking about the causes of accidents, there are so many, and one of the most ignored is distracted driving. That is mostly because in this new age of technology, it is difficult to define what distracted driving is. As a result, many people do it without realizing it and often end up in serious car accidents. Distracted driving is one of the major causes of all crashes in the country. It leads to many fatalities.

By definition, distracted driving is driving while not paying full attention. A driver could be daydreaming, looking at the scenery or checking up on their child. All of these are forms of distracted driving which could cause a car to crash into you.

If you are involved in a car accident with a distracted driver, you need a lawyer. He will help you ensure that you get the compensation that you need. Your Beaumont, TX lawyer will look for evidence to prove that the other driver was distracted.

What Are the Top Driving Distractions and How Can Car Accident Lawyer in Beaumont, TX Help?

Driving distractions can be both psychological and physical. Learning about the typical distractions is vital for any road user.  If a distracted driver hits you, this knowledge could give you an idea of how the case will proceed. Still, it is essential to have an experienced lawyer to guide you. Some common causes of distracted driving are:

Mobile Phones

People use different devices when driving every day without realizing how distracting they are. One of the most common is using a mobile phone when driving in Beaumont, TX. This can either be when texting or receiving a call. Either way, both the driver’s hands are not on the wheel. Texting is especially prevalent with young drivers who like chatting while on the road. 


A different technological distractor that people don’t think about is using a navigator while driving. While the driver may not necessarily remove their hands from steering, their concentration is still divided. Motorists trying to figure out if they have the correct directions may forget to keep their eyes on the road. They can easily crash into you or drift out of their lane and cause an accident.


It might not seem dangerous, but this is also a problem. If a driver is eating, their hands will be engaged in activities other than steering. Whether it is a bowl of food or even a sandwich, it requires that the driver use their hands. They may make a mess, forget that they are driving and start cleaning. Before they realize it, they may hit into the back of your vehicle. If someone was eating and hit you, you can easily photograph the evidence to use in your insurance claim.


When motorists have other people in the car while they are driving, it is easy for them to become distracting. They could start a heated discussion on a topic that takes the driver’s focus away from driving. If they get too engaged in talking to a passenger or even arguing, the motorist can crash their car. It is essential to stay away from engaging in conversations when driving to prevent this. If a passenger is distracting, the driver could try to avoid engaging them. They can also stop the vehicle safely and have the conversation before continuing.

Daydreaming or Watching What’s Happening Outside

If a driver is in deep thought, they should avoid driving or find a way to keep focused. That is because they could start daydreaming and quickly lose control of their car. Concentrating on what is happening outside could also lead to a crash. It is difficult to prove that someone caused an accident because they were daydreaming. However, through your attorney, you could find an argument. It is for this reason that you should hire the best Beaumont, TX lawyer for such a case. You need to be fairly compensated for your losses.

Consult a Beaumont Auto Accident Attorney for Your Distracted Driving Case

If you are hit by a distracted driver, you may not know how to go about proving your case. However, an experienced lawyer won’t have any problem doing that since he handled similar cases before. Talk to a Beaumont, TX car accident lawyer at Brent Coon & Associates to find out how we could help with your case. Remember that the sooner you reach out, the better since it is easier to gather evidence.


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