Tips on What to Do After a Beaumont, TX Car Accident

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Tips on What to Do After a Beaumont, TX Car Accident

It is perfectly reasonable to be in shock after a Beaumont auto accident. However, if you are conscious, you should work fast to ensure your safety. Car accidents are devastating and can lead to many losses, both material and health-wise. However, there is no need to worry since you can get compensated for your loss.

Once you get to a safe place after the crash, you need to take some steps to protect yourself. You also need to ensure the driver who caused the crash is identified so the process of compensation can begin. It is essential to have the guidance of your Beaumont, TX attorney in this. You should inform him of the accident as soon as possible. He will ensure that he protects your interests.

Steps to Take After a Beaumont Auto Accident and Why You Need Beaumont Auto Accident Lawyer

To ensure that there are no problems during the insurance negotiation process, you need to act fast after a crash. Your reaction and everything you do after the incident will dictate if you will get all that you deserve. Here is a list of things to do immediately after an accident.

Call the Emergency Line

It is essential to call 911 so that the police can show up at the scene and take your statement. You also need to get checked for injuries, so the medics also need to be present. As a result, calling the emergency line should be the first thing you do. That is regardless of whether you think someone got injured or not. You need the police report to make an insurance claim for compensation.

Contact Your Attorney

You need to inform your Beaumont, TX lawyer about the accident and give him details so he can help you. It is crucial to call your attorney regardless of whether you caused the accident or not. This is because the way that you conduct yourself after that crash determines everything. He will guide you on what to do and what not to do to avoid jeopardizing your case. If possible, he will also come to the scene to help you with whatever you need.

Get the Contact Details of the Other Driver and Witnesses

While all the details will be in the police report, you need to have them ahead of time. Ensure that you get the correct names of the driver(s) involved and their insurance information. This is important since you will need it to make your claim especially if they were at fault. You also need the details of any Beaumont, TX eyewitnesses who will back up your story. In case the negotiations don’t go smoothly, they will help in shedding more light on what happened.

Gather Evidence

Take photographs of the scene with a focus on the road for any skid marks and other details. You should also capture the accident itself. The photos need to be clear and taken from different angles since they will help your case. If you are injured and unable to take photos, your lawyer can help in doing this since it is crucial. The photos can also aid an investigator in reconstructing what happened for the good of your case.

Give Your Statement to the Police

Once the Beaumont, TX police are on site, give your statement on what happened. It is best if you talked to your attorney first. He would have told you what to say and what to avoid. You can easily blame yourself without realizing it. Therefore, you should be careful about what you say and how you say it. Avoid giving more details than necessary since you can get yourself in trouble.

Get Checked by the Medical Team

Many car accident injuries are not immediately visible. As a result, many people decline to get checked which often leads to worse injuries. Ensure that you are examined by medics as soon as possible after the accident. Allow them to give you a clean bill of health if you are fine. If they recommend further treatment, make sure you get it.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney Beaumont, TX after a Car Accident

After a Beaumont, TX car crash, the negotiation process begins so that you can recover what you lost. Sometimes the process may be seamless, but other times you need some help. Contact a Beaumont auto accident lawyer at Brent Coon & Associates we have the perfect team to help you get what you deserve. Reach out to us for a consultation and let us help you.


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