Teaching Others About Road Safety

Teaching Others About Road Safety

Some drivers take it as a personal responsibility to teach others on the road about road safety. Now some drivers can and do have an obligation to teach others such as adult guardians or parents of teenagers learning to drive. Others however take it too far or an issue faced citations or slap stickers directly onto vehicles which is vandalism. So how can you teach others about road safety without stepping over that line? There are many ways that you can initiate and promote better road safety.

Of course the best way to teach others proper road safety is by modeling the behavior you expect. That means that you need to be the safest driver on the road before you can start expressing your ideals to others. You certainly don’t want to be the person throwing stones from a glass house. Here our car accident lawyers cover exactly how to model the best driving behavior possible and quick explanations into why driver-to-driver policing doesn’t work and how funny stickers and just cause aggressive driving.

Modeling is the Best Behavior for Road Safety

The Texas Department of Transportation has a section or Resource Center for road safety. They encourage Texas drivers to drive smart by being courteous, buckling up, and focusing on driving.

The Texas Department of Transportation cites that there are over 3,000 traffic fatalities each year and that was very basic safe driving practices that could change drastically. In addition to paying attention and buckling up, drivers should always put their phone away or turn it off. Ensure that you stop for all stop signs and red lights,  be careful to not get sucked into the habit of making rolling stops.

Additionally, if you’re setting the example for the best driving behavior possible then you shouldn’t drive after a drink. Even if you believe you’re well below the legal limit, as the example for safe driving, you should always arrange for a DD. You might also take precautions to avoid medications that would cause drowsiness or specifically say on the label that you shouldn’t drive.

Ultimately, modeling good driving behavior is the best way to start initiating change and how other people use the road. Your passenger, the children who will learn how to drive from you, and those who know you personally will understand that you’re not just a safe driver for personal safety but for everyone else’s safety too.

Never Aim to Teach Another Driver a “Lesson”

Texas and many other states have had plenty of problems with assault and battery happening at crash scenes because of driver to driver policing.  These situations happen because one driver steps out of the vehicle believing that they know exactly why the crash happened and that they’re going to tell the other driver all about it. Usually the first driver, who may genuinely be the victim, starts lecturing or confronting the other driver. The situation escalated quickly and gets out of hand resulting in assault, and on occasion homicide.

Driver-to-driver policing is often an underlying issue in road rage. One driver thinks they need to teach the other lesson. In the first week and a half of September 2020 Houston had two road-rage shootings resulting in deaths.

Report Dangerous Driving Behavior

So, if you shouldn’t engage in any driver-to-driver interaction where you’re schooling another driver how do you acknowledge dangerous driving behavior on the road?

What you do is report the dangerous driving behavior to Emergency Services. Although Texas has plenty of hands-free laws all of them allow for drivers to use their phone to dial 911 and alert local law enforcement of dangerous driving.

What a Texas Car Accident Attorney Can Do

After a crash, especially one who was engaging and reckless or careless and driving behavior, you need a Texas car accident attorney. A local Texas car accident attorney, especially one from Brent Coon & Associates, can dive into the evidence of the accident and sort out the fault before your insurance company jumps to make quick assumptions.  When you’re someone who regularly sets the standard for safe driving, it can be really irritating to be in an accident. It’s probably more irritating to learn that the other driver doesn’t want to take full responsibility for the crash they cost.

Brent Coon & Associates manages victim claims for car accidents through car insurance companies or civil lawsuits. Hold the driver accountable through civil court action. Hopefully, they’ll walk away with us understanding that if you cause damage with a vehicle whether it’s injury or property damage, you don’t get out of paying.  Covering the damages for the victim is the very least that the at-fault driver could do, contact our office now to find out how you can get your compensation.


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