Crashes with New or Inexperienced Drivers

Crashes with New or Inexperienced Drivers

It is one thing to get into an accident with another experienced driver. You might have expectations of them driving safely, but you know the same degree that when they get out of the car, they know the process. When two experienced drivers get into what is a genuine accident, the resolution is straightforward and simple. The driver’s exchange information, call their insurance providers, possibly contract attorneys, and likely file a police report.

With an inexperienced driver, that teenager or young adult doesn’t know how to execute the process. They may have read it in the driver’s training manual, or received instruction from their insurance provider on how to handle crash resolution, but this is their first time actually doing it. If you’re involved in a wreck, contact our Beaumont car accident lawyers today.

Statistics of Teen Drivers Getting Into Accidents

Statistically, 16 and 17-year-olds have the highest crash rate or crash involvement. They often sustained injuries to themselves, and are responsible for the injuries or death of others in their accident. The second-highest crash involvement rate, in regard to age group, includes drivers over the age of 80.

What is more is that auto collisions are the primary cause of death among U.S. teenagers. What is upsetting for the family’s, is that often the teenagers are at fault. 75% of serious accidents involving teen drivers occur because of critical error. There are three particular errors in which police and insurance providers count as “critical.” Teenage drivers show that they cannot scan properly; they go too fast for road conditions and are frequently distracted both by things inside and outside the vehicle.

Distracted driving is a serious issue among teen drivers, and the other two critical errors of traveling too fast and not scanning are evidence that teenage drivers often don’t know what to do.

Explain What to Do

The teenager involved in your accident is probably very remorseful, but maybe too shaken up to take what they’ve learned about crash resolution and put it into practice. As the more experienced driver, the responsibility does fall to you to help explain the next steps.

First, explain that the teenager needs to contact their parents and that you are going to alert first responders. You might acknowledge that you aren’t just calling first responders to bring the police into the situation. But that people at the scene might need medical help, and both of you will need a formal police report later.

Second, provide them with your insurance information. Explain that they can take pictures of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and license plate with their phone. Then explain that you need to do the same with their information. If their parents have arrived on the scene, then that adult may take over the insurance exchange process.

Finally, start gathering evidence. This is typical of the crash resolution, and if you’re not so injured that you need medical attention immediately, you should start taking photos. Acknowledge to the other driver that they should also take photos of the crash scene, any injuries, and any damage to both of the vehicles.

Don’t Get Mad or Aggressive.

There are plenty of adult drivers out there that are questioning why they should take responsibility for walking a teenager through this process. Many people step out of the car mad or aggressive, and they don’t realize that this could impact their claim later.

If the teen involved doesn’t want to exchange information or refuses to get out of the vehicle, they could fight that they felt threatened. The best approach to crash resolution is always a calm one.

Call Your Texas Auto Collision Attorney

After any crash, it’s important to weigh your resolution options. For many victims, they will choose to involve contacting a local Texas auto accident attorneys. However, finding the right Texas collision attorney for your clean might be a little tough. Not only are you seeking compensation, but the claim itself will seek to hold a teenager responsible for a very serious event.

Teenagers are only responsible to a certain degree. Unless they are over the age of 18, it is highly likely that they are on their parent’s insurance plan. Their parents May hold some responsibility for the crash because the driver was underage. You may run into problems such as parents claiming that the crash was actually your fault, or that there was some issue with whether the teen had permission or not. You might have to fight that and to do so, you should contact a local tax attorney. Contacting our offices at Brent Coon & Associates can jump-start your claim.


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