Can I Sue My Hairdresser for Scalp Burns?

Can I Sue My Hairdresser for Scalp Burns?

In short, yes, you can sue for negligence or even assault in some cases if the action was taken on purpose. Now, you have some specifics that can slow down or outright stop a case if you’re showing that they failed to provide you with a decent level of care. The hairdresser may also not be at fault for scalp burns in the event of product defects, or unknown allergies. These elements can all play a role in a possible personal injury lawsuit. A Beaumont, Texas personal injury attorney can help you figure out if you have a valid case.

Common Causes of Scalp Burns at the Hairdresser

Chemical Treatments

From dying hair, perms, and more, all involve putting chino all directly onto a client’s scalp. There are ways that handling these chemicals is safe. Then there are instances when it’s not safe. When a hairdresser mishandles or does not correctly apply chemical treatments, they put their clients at risk. These risks aren’t something you want happening with your scalp.

There may be other elements at play with the chemical burn. Such as not disclosing that you’ve previously treated your hair or used products that could interact with the treatment. In times when you’re not open with your hairdresser, then you can’t hold them liable. They would have no idea that you bleached your hair at home the week prior or that you used a product earlier that morning, which would react with the chemical.

Unknown Allergies

There are countless chemicals in hair dye, and even “all-natural” hair dye can include a number of common allergens. The most common of these allergens in PPD or para-phenylenediamine, which has a few other names used on dye solutions. People don’t usually know they’re allergic to PPD until they have a bad reaction to a dye, the reaction is usually allergic contact dermatitis.

Or, the skin reacts badly, will become inflamed, red, and hives. This is not a chemical burn, but as the scalp becomes more sensitive, if the dye is not removed, it can cause burns as well as the skin to crack or separate as a result of the inflammation. There’s also a hair dye intolerance which is milder, but also uncomfortable and often mistaken for a chemical burn.

When you’re weighing out the options for placing a lawsuit, head to a doctor, a doctor will likely refer you to a dermatologist, and they will confirm if this is an allergic reaction or a burn. If it was a reaction and you did not know about it, then you may not have a case. Reactions to hair dye can take up to 48 hours to happen or even longer.

Improper Care in Applications

Essentially if you complained that something wasn’t right or if they didn’t test the chemical for adverse reactions first, then the hairdresser may have unknowingly failed to provide a duty of care.

To take action against them for this issue, you’ll need to see a doctor first. There’s a large gap between scalp irritation and burns. Scalp burns can lead to hair loss, damage to the skin, and disfigurement. However, if you have minor irritation that requires cool showers and a trip to a dermatologist, then you may not have a worthwhile cause.

When it comes to burns, however, you’re looking at serious medical procedures for weeks into the future. As well as possibly facing lifelong struggles with hair loss and disfigurement. In the event of a true scalp burn, you should take legal action because they improperly applied a chemical or heat treatment to your hair.

Building a case around the loss of something that is a part of everyday life such as hair, you’ll need to go through compensation for pain and suffering. In this event, the pain and suffering can include disappointment, loss of enjoyment, distress, and loss of social standing. If your hair impacted your jobs such as being an internet persona, salesperson, or similar profession, then you could seek out compensation for job issues too.

Should You Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

Brent Coon and Associates urges victims of personal injury from professionals to get legal help right away. Something such as scalp burns can require years of medical treatment, lead to life long disfigurement, and more. It’s something as simple as going to a hairdresser, but something as devastating as not being able to feel like yourself anymore.

Contact a Texas law firm that handles unique personal injury cases. We take our cases against insurance companies, individuals, and any other form of liable party in an attempt to get you the compensation that you deserve after such an accident.


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