Single-Vehicle Accident Causes Serious Injuries to Teen

Single-Vehicle Accident Causes Serious Injuries to Teen

A single-vehicle accident that took place on March 31, Tuesday, left a teen with serious injuries. The crash happened on Raguet Street in Lufkin.

According to the details shared by the police, the incident was reported early in the morning at about 2:30 a.m. The victim who sustained injuries in the crash has been identified as Ricardo Viezca Ramirez, 17. Ramirez was traveling as a passenger in the vehicle which was involved in the crash.

Early on Thursday morning, Ramirez was picked from his parents’ home by a friend Joel Escoto, 16. Escoto was driving the vehicle and as the two traveled down Raguet Street in an SUV, Escoto appears to have lost control of the vehicle. As he lost control, the SUV left the roadway and then struck a metal pole and fence at a high speed before overturning and coming to rest on its side.

The metal pole pierced through Ramirez’s arm and impaled it, causing serious injuries. Escoto attempted to call for help but couldn’t locate his phone in the overturned vehicle. He then proceeded to remove the pole from Ramirez’s arm before running back to his parents’ home which was at some distance to raise alarm for help.

Ramirez’s parents were able to notify the authorities who then arrived on the scene of the crash. An officer with the local police was among the first to attend the site. The officer used a tourniquet to reduce bleeding until paramedics could arrive and provide medical help. Once the paramedic staff arrived, Ramirez was transported to a hospital in the Houston area. His condition remains critical.

The other teen, Escoto, remained largely safe in the incident. At this point, it is not clear exactly what caused Escoto to lose control of the vehicle and veer off the road. Authorities continue to investigate the incident.

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