4 New Lawsuits Filed Over the Waco Biker Shooting

4 New Lawsuits Filed Over the Waco Biker Shooting

What does Patch Adams have to do with the Waco Biker shooting?

A lot.  The overzealous Waco Police Department clearly stumbled and bumbled through the debacle of the Waco motorcycle tragedy of May 2015 at the Twin Peaks restaurant in what is likely the worst police operation initiated by law enforcement in the history of Texas, including the fiasco of the Branch Davidian storming that killed dozens of innocent women and children outside of Waco over 20 years ago (which resulted in far more civilian casualties than the recent gas attacks by Assad of Syria).  James Harris, a college student in Austin and a devout motorcycle rider, was one of the 200 motorcycle club members from the region taking a relaxing ride to Waco on the morning of Sunday, May 17, 2015, to hear what was going on legislatively in the motorcycling community through a briefing sponsored by the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents.  James was just pulling into the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant where the meeting was to take place when he and his three buddies riding with him heard shots fired from the restaurant patio area.  Although they had nothing to do with the shooting, and in fact hid behind a car with another police officer, they were all taken into custody, tagged as terrorist bikers engaged in conspiracies to engage in organized crime and commit commit murder and mayhem, ultimately assessed  a staggeringly ridiculous and illegal 2-million-dollar bond, and subsequently had their lives forever and irreparably damaged. James and his partners had their lives destroyed by Waco law enforcement that day, in what will be shown to be one of the biggest blunders and cover-ups by any law enforcement agency in the country. A cover-up that spread through the ranks of  local law enforcement, the district attorney’s office and even elements of the judiciary.  A kangaroo court system protective of “their own” and xenophobic to all others.  James Harris was one of many caught that day in a web of deceit and political grandstanding which left him brandished with false allegations of wrongdoing of the worst kind, of forcing him to live without the right to go when and where he wanted or even associate with his friends.  He even found himself essentially extradited back from Mexico for the fraudulent allegations against him when he returned there to work with Dr. Hunter Doherty Adams (a/k/a “Patch Adams”, founder of the Gesundheit! Institute), to work with the seriously ill children there again.


James Harris was and is the extreme antithesis of what was portrayed by Waco PD, the Waco DA and others – as are the rest of James’s club members-all of whom are now ready and available to tell their stories. Accordingly,  BCA is filing  a massive new law suit – against multiple and highly culpable parties – that will finally began shedding light on what really happened that day and why – most of it the press has never heard. The gag order perpetrated by local law enforcement to stymie public information about what REALLY happened has been lifted, and people are ready to talk….and sue those accountable for what happened.

How the Waco Police Department set up a parameter of snipers and sniper rifles – ahead of the meeting – in order to shoot and kill the attendees to the meeting with the slightest provocation.   How they could have easily prevented the shooting, but instead chose to lay in wait, utilize any potential outbreak of violence as an excuse to unload on everyone there, arrest everyone who survived, and charge each and every one of them with conspiracies to engage in organized crime to commit murder and engage in drug running, prostitution and other vices without ANY evidence.  There will not ever be a SINGLE SHRED of evidence to support any of those charges. One big stack of pre-stamped probable cause affidavits and the locals had “rounded up” everyone in attendance and locked them all up.  Guilty until proven innocent.  Waco becomes another Salem Massachusetts in a witch Hunt for bikers.

We will show how the culture of the Waco Police Department, the local Baylor University footprint on the community, and even Waco’s turbulent and controversially racist and sexist history, all created a perfect storm for the worst incident ever impacting  the biking community, over 10 million strong.  How the culture of the Waco Police Department was xenophobic of bikes and bikers,  and had even banned their own motorcycle division many decades before because they felt it an “inappropriate image” of law enforcement.  How Baylor and the incestuous ties of Baylor graduates in the local prosecutors office and the judiciary created an incestuous relationship in this case.  How the intolerance of an isolated community adhered to ideals and standards relatively unchanged since Baylor University became the beacon for fundamentalists with social ideologies of no drinking, no dancing and  no cavorting, which also translated to no tolerance, no motorcyclists, no tattoos, no leather jackets and  no “breastaurants”.  Cover-ups seem to be de jour in Waco, whether it is covering up for murders and payoffs of basketball players, rampant rape of students by well- paid collegiate athletes, public lynching’s of black prisoners in the courtyards by the rabid citizens as the police look on, or the shootings of patrons of a disliked restaurant. “Kill them all and let God sort them out” seems to be the mantra in Waco, and illegal and trumped up charges and incarceration of everyone in attendance who managed to dodge the bullets from sniper rifles is the now the main course.


Supported by and on behalf of the total biking community nationally – Waco has led to a grassroots movement of millions and millions of riders – the story will announce the movement culminating on the 2 year anniversary with the first annual National Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Day this May 17th.  This will be the inaugural year of a movement that is becoming the rallying cry of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts around the country. The biking community enjoys community support from most people in our country, and even most people in law enforcement, some of whom have their  own bike clubs.  But what is clear from Waco and other tragic episodes involving elements of law enforcement and the biking community is that some people with a badge have no tolerance of others they do not personally identify with.  Some would claim it  has reached epidemic proportions  in the African American community, much which is now finally getting exposed through media coverage.  That conduct is not dissimilar to what the biking community has to deal with from fringe members of law enforcement, who regularly harass people just because they engage in a lifestyle that some “don’t approve” for whatever reason.  This case will start exposing these stories nationally, as the biking community begins to organize a response to these unjust attacks on their lifestyles that has brought civil rights violations into their communities.

Again,  the interactive petition on these filings is available at http://www.bikerrights.law. for more information.

Interactive Petition – Two Layers of  Interactivity

Because this lawsuit exposes such critical civil rights issues in our community, BCA will be creating an open, dedicated website to Bikers Rights (BikerRights.com) and will feature a transparent viewing of the Lawsuit complaint in a unique and interactive format.

To get the story and the vital info out, and to provide unprecedented transparency and access to the media and public, BCA will be filing the first-ever interactive petition/complaint – online  – along with powerful evidence releases, a full media center,  article library, and complete video overviews please visit http://www.bikerrights.law

The lawsuit petition will provide the media, biker’s rights advocates and the general public with a DOUBLE searchable resource for cross referencing all the sourced information on this story. First, the links in the section below entitled THE GOOD PARTS will jump you right to relevant sections of the petition as indicated, and SECOND, the Petition itself is also hot-linked with links to relevant articles, Wikipedia pages, and OTHER SUPPORT MATERIALS.  Even if the discovery information is kept confidential by the court, this interactive petition will allow the media exclusive access to the information to form their own independent opinion on what happened in this tragedy.

We have highlighted the top points of the lawsuit. In addition to that we have provided links for the issues discussed in this lawsuit. It is the first double actively petition/lawsuit that we know of. To view this unique interactive lawsuit, please visit:


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