Always Obtain a Copy of the Police Report after a Texas Car Accident

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Always Obtain a Copy of the Police Report after a Texas Car Accident

Whenever you are involved in an accident, regardless of who caused it, you need to inform the police. The main reason for this is so that they can compile a report which you will need later. The police report in Beaumont, TX contains details about the accident. This information is usually required by insurance companies for compensation. Your lawyer can also use this report to know how to conduct the negotiations and get you the best compensation.

Before you talk to the police, ensure that you have received guidance from your attorney. This is necessary because you could easily place blame on yourself for the accident. Your lawyer will instruct you on how to give the police your statement so that there are no mistakes. After the police report is released, you can go ahead and start the compensation negotiations.

Why Do Car Accident Attorneys in Beaumont, TX Need a Copy of the Police Report After a Crash?

The report is usually created by the Beaumont, TX police officer that investigated the car accident scene. It gives details of the accident, where it happened and the vehicles and people involved. It also names the driver at fault and includes his opinions about the accident. Some of the other information included in the report are:

  • The weather conditions at the time of the accident, such as snow or rain.
  • The condition of the road. For example, were there potholes or was the road design terrible?
  • The lighting at the scene – whether the road was well lit.
  • The statements of the people involved and any eyewitnesses.
  • The contact information of the witnesses and those involved
  • The insurance providers of all the parties
  • Any violation of traffic laws by any those involved.
  • An opinion as to who may have caused the accident.

In addition to getting hold of this information, your attorney will need the police report to:

  • Carry out his investigations. The police officer only gives his opinion on who is to blame. That is why your attorney will get an investigator to look at the facts. The investigator will make a determination as to who was at fault. This is essential since the insurance company will also do its investigations into the matter. Your lawyer needs to know any details that the insurance company may find that are not in the report.
  • Come up with a plan. With the police report, your Beaumont, TX attorney will be able to draft a plan for handling the case. He needs as many details as possible so he can look at every outcome and choose a line of action. That is important so that the insurance company doesn’t spring any new information on you. Whatever the other driver’s insurer presents, your lawyer will already know how to take care of it.
  • Draft a value for your claim. Based on the details in the police report, your lawyer can come up with how much your claim is worth. He will look at the severity of the accident and the losses that you suffered and calculate the value. It is essential to do this because you need to know how much to expect from the insurance company. They will likely start with low offers, but with a figure in mind, he can negotiate a larger package.
  • Gather details of witnesses. Beaumont, TX witnesses are important to the negotiations since they back up your claim. With reliable eyewitnesses who can give an account of what happened, your lawyer can get more compensation for you. In case the out of court settlement does not work out, the witnesses are crucial in a court case. Through their testimony, your lawyer can urge the court to compensate you significantly.

Reach Out to Texas Auto Accident Attorneys for Help with Your Insurance Claim

The police report is a significant document when you are involved in an accident. It gives more details on what happened, details which you may not remember on your own. With the document, your Texas car accident lawyer can negotiate reasonable compensation for your injuries and property loss. However, you need to have an experienced attorney to do that. That is why you need Brent Coon & Associates services. Tell us about your case and let us find the best way to get you the compensation that you need.


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