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What to Do When Your Car Insurance Claim Is Denied?

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What to Do When Your Car Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Did the insurer deny your car insurance claim? Unfortunately, many insurance claims in Beaumont, TX, share this fate. The best thing to do when it happens is to discuss your case with an auto accident lawyer in Beaumont. They will review your claim and the denial letter to find out the reason for the denial. Depending on the reason, they will help you:

  • Revise the claim according to the observations in the denial letter
  • Request the insurance company to reconsider their answer
  • File a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance
  • File a civil lawsuit
  • Find another party from whom to seek compensation in case of a justified denial.

In theory, insurers should act in good faith and accept all justified and covered claims. In practice, they pick on every small detail to avoid paying. Some insurance claims reach huge amounts, so paying them would be against the insurer’s interests. An experienced car accident lawyer can force them to fulfill their obligations.

Insurers’ Obligations and the Need to Work with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Beaumont, TX

Texas insurers need to abide by the state’s own version of the Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act. Texas Insurance Code Chapters 541 and 542 lay out the guidelines. They basically prohibit any unfair or deceitful insurance-related practices, wrongful denials included.

Texas Insurance Code Section 541.060 prohibits insurers from:

  • Intentionally misrepresenting coverage-related material facts and policy provisions to claimants
  • Failing to offer prompt and equitable car insurance claim settlements in cases with obvious liability
  • Failing to reasonably explain claim denials or compromise settlement offers to claimants
  • Denying or refusing to pay claims without conducting adequate investigations

Unfortunately, many insurers violate this code section. They interpret the law and the terms of their insurance policies according to their interests. They use those interpretations to deny claims and offer unfavorable settlements. Their tricks may work with the average claimant, but they will not hold with an experienced car accident lawyer.

Beaumont car insurance claims handled by experienced lawyers settle faster and for higher amounts. Moreover, the claimants save time, money and effort. The lawyer takes over the paperwork and the formalities and keeps them informed of the progress. They help them gather the necessary evidence and organize it effectively to prove their point.

They make sure the insurer has no reason to deny the claim. Even if they do, the auto accident lawyer will obtain a detailed justification of the denial. Once they know what is wrong, they will find a way to make it right. The insurer will have no option but to settle. Even if they refuse, the car accident lawyer will hold them accountable.

Legal Options an Auto Accident Lawyer in Beaumont May Recommend to Their Clients

When insurers deny a car insurance claim in Beaumont, they need to explain their reasons in a letter. An experienced car accident lawyer will analyze the available evidence and the denial letter. They will identify the best course of action according to the situation at hand.

Sometimes, the denial letter cites missing or unclear information. By adding the missing details or clarifying documents, the attorney eliminates the reason for the denial. They, therefore, force the insurer to reconsider the claim.

If the attorney finds the car insurance claim denial unjustified, they can file an appeal with the insurer. It is important to contradict the denial with evidence in the notice of appeal. If the claim adjuster insists on the denial or offers a low settlement, other options are available.

One of them is complaining to the Texas Department of Insurance. They will investigate the way the insurance company handled the claim. If the results obtained at this step are not satisfactory, it is possible to sue the insurer. The car accident lawyer will have to prove both the insurance claim and the insurer’s breach of duty.

Let Our Car Accident Lawyer in Beaumont Turn Your Car Insurance Claim Denial into Fat Compensation

At Brent Coon & Associates, we have handled numerous car insurance claims. Many of our clients turned to us after receiving the insurers’ denial letter. We helped them appeal those denials and obtain the compensation they deserved. We can help you, too.

To find out how schedule a FREE consultation with our auto accident lawyer in Beaumont. You can do so online or by calling (409) 242-5527. We look forward to reviewing your car insurance claim and fighting that wrongful denial!


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