How Are Non-Economic Damages Calculated In Personal Injury Cases?

How Are Non-Economic Damages Calculated In Personal Injury Cases?

Accidents may happen in a split second. They can spring up and strike without notice. And you may be affected for the rest of your life, so non-economic damages may help. Suffering from a vehicle accident, a construction accident, or any type of occurrence can manifest in various ways. You may get pressure in your pocket, leg, or health.

When it comes to compensation after a personal injury claim, the apparent first thought that comes to mind is money. Compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other out-of-pocket losses are all reasonably straightforward to calculate. But what about non-economic damages? What exactly does the term mean? And how are these losses calculated?

On top of general economic damages like medical bills, lost wages, and the cost of future treatment, non-economic damages are those that cannot be quantified using monetary value. These damages may include things like pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium (if married), and humiliation; a Beaumont personal injury lawyer will always factor in these losses when calculating your compensation.

Today, we’ll explore non-economic damages and what factors contribute to these particular types of compensation.

The best start for your claim process is to speak with an experienced Beaumont personal injury attorney from the Brent Coon Law Firm who has handled many cases similar to yours. We will provide you with detailed information regarding your particular situation and what factors determine non-economic damages.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the topic for now!

What Are Non-Economic Damages & How Do You Suffer From The Harm?

The damages you can recover for your injuries are referred to as compensatory damages. These damages compensate you for your past and future monetary losses (such as medical bills or lost income) and non-monetary losses (such as pain and suffering or emotional distress).

However, the latter cannot be calculated in terms of numbers.

A non-economic loss refers to emotional losses such as pain and suffering, deformity, consortium loss, and loss of dignity.

In personal injury cases, it’s easy to define a non-economic loss – anything that isn’t directly measurable by money. If you were injured in an accident, your recovery might include compensation for any physical pain and suffering caused by your injuries. You might also be able to seek compensation for any mental anguish or emotional trauma caused by witnessing a car accident.

If you suffered these losses after being involved in an accident with another driver who was at fault, they could be recovered through a lawsuit against that driver’s insurance company.

Non-economic harm is intangible. These losses are the negative consequences of an accident. They usually appear after economic harm. Economic harms hit you first, followed by non-economic damages. You may, however, have both experiences. You may have continuous pain and suffering. You may have a scar on your face. This may result in a decreased feeling of self-worth. You might not be able to execute the same work you could because of an event-related disability. As a result, your relationships may deteriorate.

How Will A Beaumont Personal Injury Lawyer Calculate My Non-Economic Damages?

Determining your non-economic damages can be a challenging process. If you were injured in a car accident, how do you quantify pain and suffering or emotional distress, or how do you put a price on lost wages and future medical bills? These kinds of losses are difficult to calculate.

Fortunately, some formulas can help you calculate these damages if they are part of your personal injury claim. What you employ is determined by the specifics of your case. You must assess your chances of recovery in each scenario.

Then, check which one earns you the most points. Naturally, execution is critical. You must still implement a good case plan to obtain the desired damages. Defendants will utilize facts and statistics to undermine your case. Keep this in mind while assessing the value of your pain and suffering in court.

Can My Lawyer Maximize My Non-Economic Damages?

Attorneys can take specific efforts to ensure you receive every dime you are due. Ideally, they should develop and follow a case route from the start. This combines your narrative with a legal plan. That strategy should outline what has to be done at each case stage to ensure success.

After establishing this vision, they must gather the necessary resources to win. This entails assembling the necessary resources, staff, and infrastructure for your suit. Finally, they must present your story in the trial. It’s more than just a recounting of the accident. It is the whole of what occurred, how it influenced you, and what you require to heal.

The core of a lawyer’s duty is to present this convincingly. Once done, a jury should have no option but to accept the sum that you have proposed.

Is There A Cap On My Non-Economic Damages?

Your non-economic losses may be restricted. It is determined by the facts of your lawsuit and the location. As previously stated, several states limit your ability to claim non-economic damages. They may cap it at two or three times your economic damages.

If it’s a certain type of case, they may also cap or eradicate them. Some jurisdictions do this for product liability or medical malpractice claims. The sum of money a defendant possesses may also be used to minimize non-economic damages.

If your opponent has limited finances or insurance, they may be capable of paying you just a set sum. Similarly, many insurance plans only cover a percentage of the damages.

Team Up With Our Team Of Capable Beaumont Personal Injury Attorneys For A Fair Settlement!

Our Beaumont personal injury lawyers at the Brent Coon Law Firm have worked with people who have suffered unthinkable injuries. We successfully guided them through the judicial system. Many of their costs were not monetary. That doesn’t imply they didn’t exist. Your intangible harms are as significant. You are entitled to compensation for their losses.

Contact our team of capable Beaumont personal injury attorneys to learn more about how you may do so.

We’re here to help you get back on track; reach out to us now for a free initial consultation!


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