High Winds Cause Road Closures, Crashes Across Colorado

High Winds Cause Road Closures, Crashes Across Colorado

Extremely high-speed winds, blizzards and snow have caused a number of crashes and road closures across Colorado. The exceptionally windy conditions are also causing the snow to blow across the roads, creating whiteout conditions that are posing a danger to the drivers.

A number of reports and warnings have been sent out by the National Weather Service. Most recently, the agency has reported winds of up to 60 mph in strength blowing across the Front Range. Stronger winds have been reported in the mountains with Floyd Hill experiencing winds of up to 94 mph. As a result of the exceptionally windy weather caused by a storm, multiple crashes have also been reported.

On Sunday, the Colorado State Patrol closed down the northbound lanes of U.S 287 from Highway 66 to Yellowstone Road. The closure came about after a crash involving 10 vehicles took place. Weather conditions were identified as the key reason behind the crash. No one was seriously injured in the multi-vehicle crash, although one woman had to be taken to the hospital for chest pain.

The I-76 Highway in northeast Colorado also had to be shut down on Sunday due to extremely whiteout conditions. With high-speed winds blowing snow across the road, whiteout conditions limited visibility. Crashes have also been reported on this section of the highway due to adverse weather conditions.

Earlier on Saturday, the I-76 section between Fort Morgan and Hudson also had to be closed. The extremely windy conditions on this section of the highway caused a number of crashes.

The high winds and stormy conditions are expected to subside within a day or so. Drivers across the state are meanwhile advised to take due precautions when heading out. It’s a good idea to listen in on the weather forecast and keep an eye on the updates from the authorities. If you are involved in a car accident due to these weather conditions, contact our experienced Denver car accident attorneys today!

Source: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/live-updates-high-winds-cause-blowing-snow-road-closures-across-colorado


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