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Dear fellow Jefferson County property owner,

Did your tax appraisal on commercial property increase this year by over 20%?  Mine did. In fact it went up 300%!!   From $900,000 to over $2.5 MILLION!!    We all know from living here that there is NOTHING going on in the County that would cause commercial properties to suddenly be worth so much more money.  In fact, they aren’t worth any more money. Many are worth less this year. So why did the rates go up so much and what can you do about it?

I have talked to dozens of other commercial property owners in Jefferson County about this shocking increase and have determined that many of the property assessments went through the roof this year because the Jefferson County Appraisal District (JCAD) tried to utilize another way of calculating property values basically known as the “income approach”, in which they presume a certain value to an investor that may be much higher than what the properties were assessed under the traditional “comparative sales” approach, in which other buildings of similar construction and same area have sold for in the last year or two.  In our opinion attempting to guess at some speculative income and revenue stream on properties is a patently WRONG way to calculate values, and major corrections are in order for many properties throughout the county.

Our firm has already filed suit against JCAD for these dubious new assessments. We are also already aware of some properties being assigned new valuations more than TEN TIMES HIGHER than just last year.  This is outrageous and a lot of property owners are livid.  If you are in that category, give us a call and we can discuss ways of taking on JCAD without any up-front costs to you and no legal fee at all if we don’t get your valuations down.

I am a triple board certified trial lawyer and have taken on most of the major corporations in high profile cases across the country, but my home office is still right here in Beaumont, Tx, where I have practiced for over 35 years.  I have constructed, owned and managed a large number of commercial properties around the county over those years and never seen such a blatant money grab by the JCAD before.   We have taken on the JCAD before in a county wide investigation into their valuation processes and know what they are doing wrong here AND how we can right this wrong.

Not surprisingly, the JCAD also set very tight restrictions on your ability to appeal these assessments and to file suit to set them aside.  For most owners who objected to these new appraisals, the final letters went out to you in August, and you are limited to 60 days to file suit.  If you are interested and want to know more, click on the links above to get in touch with us asap.  Time is running out.

Likewise, if you weren’t even aware of this situation as it related to your property until “too late” to object, we have options for you there as well based on the lawsuit we have already filed.

Last and not least, if you are the “tenant” to this property and not the owner, do the owner a favor and pass this letter along to them, as at the end of the additional costs of ownership end up being passed along in some manner to the tenants.



Brent W. Coon


Founder/CEO-Brent Coon & Associates National Law Firm

Board Certified-Civil Trial Law (National Board of Trial Advocacy)

Board Certified-Personal Injury Trial Law (Texas Board of Legal Specialization)

Board Certified-Civil PreTrial l Law (National Board of Trial Advocacy)

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Past President-S.E. Texas Trial Lawyers Association

Past Director-Texas Trial Lawyers Association (1990-2010)

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Clarence Darrow Award Recipient (Mass Torts Made Perfect)

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Multi-Million Dollars Advocates Forum

Member: Texas College of the Bar Foundation

Executive Board-National Trial Lawyers Association

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Licensed with the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court



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